Biden Says He Could Die Any Day Now in Bizarre Admission

(MSNBC video snapshot)

Nearly 80-year-old President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden made a bizarre admission that he could “drop dead tomorrow.”

He was supposedly trying to assuage public and internal party concerns over his advanced age, questionable cognitive abilities, and fitness for office.

Staggering Gaffe Portfolio is Expanding

In his 20 months in the White House so far, Sleepy Joe excelled tremendously in terms of making public gaffes and exhibiting senility-driven senior moments.

He may also easily be declared as one of the most embarrassing world leaders ever, at least as far as the free world and western nations are concerned.

The uncertainty among leftist voters and inside both rank-and-file and the leadership of the Democrat Party transferred to Biden himself.

While in 2021, he sounded confident he would seek reelection, in his most recent remarks, Sleepy Joe has been backtracking on that, clarifying he has the “intent” to run for president again, but a decision will be made in the future.

He has been denying any health and cognitive issues by urging everyone to “watch” him, but while the good people of the United States – and the entire world – are watching, Abortion Joe keeps making new gaffes.

(MSNBC video snapshot)

Just ‘Vote against Me.’ No, Wait, Just Don’t ‘Let Me Go’

Speaking in an interview for The Sunday Show on MSNBC, Biden not only admitted his age was a “legitimate” concern, but even stated he could “drop dead” any day now.

“I could drop dead tomorrow,” the Democratic “leader” of the free world quipped, after saying he “could get a disease.”

Biden’s admission that “anyone’s age, including mine” is a “legitimate” matter of concern was made as he was filmed walking alongside MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart.

Empty Shelves Joe then made another blunder by explicitly stating those American voters doubting his competence should “vote against me.”

He swiftly tried to do some damage control, though, first by correcting himself that those voters shouldn’t vote against him, but “should encourage” him “not to” run for reelection.

At the same time, however, Biden resumed arguing that he was “in good health” and “still functioning well, physically and mentally, too.”

After the bizarre admission that he could be “dead tomorrow,” Biden used the interview to pile perplexing praise on his veep, Kamala Harris. He declared her to be “smart as hell” and to have a “backbone like a ramrod,” not to mention her “enormous integrity.”

In another gaffe in his MSNBC interview, Biden got asked whether his wife, Caretaker-in-Chief Jill Biden, supported his intention to run for reelection, only to stare blankly before getting prompted to respond.

Even then, Sleepy Joe evaded giving a direct answer; only some stuttering uttered that his wife “Dr. Biden” believed they were “doing something very important.”

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.