Biden Scraps Iran Sanctions that Prevent Them from Building Nuclear Bombs

President Biden’s government is said to have removed sanctions on two Iranian businesses involved in the missile technology. This occurred just as Iran is thought to be on the verge of having enough nuclear material to produce a nuclear bomb.

This Will be Devastating for Israel

The punitive measures, which target the Mammut Manufacturing Group (Mammut Industries) and its subsidiary Mammut Diesel, were first levied by the Trump administration in September 2020.

This came as part of attempts to increase the highest force campaign of punitive measures on Tehran over its atomic behavior in the region that have been censured as aggressive and unsettling, according to The Hill.

“The companies were identified as ‘major makers and suppliers of military-grade, dual-use commodities for Iran’s missile programs,” according to the report.

In an effort to persuade Iran to quit its nuclear weapons program, the Trump administration placed harsh penalties on the country, which is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism.

In September 2020, the US Treasury imposed penalties on the two companies, Mammut Industry Group and Mammut Fuel. The Treasury blacklisted Iran’s Mammut Industries Company (Mammut Industries) and its affiliate Mammut Diesel.

This was due to them giving support to an organization involved in Iran’s nuclear missile development under Executive Order 13382. For Iran’s missile programs, Mammut Industrial and Mammut Diesel are significant producers and distributors of military-grade, dual-use commodities.

Mammut Industries has been supporting the development of ballistic missile systems for Iran’s AIO, notably the Shahid Hemmat Industries Group (SHIG), the country’s major creator of liquid propelled rockets, since early 2000. Mammut Manufacturing kept supporting SHIG’s nuclear missile system manufacturing as of late 2019.

Biden Doesn’t Think This Will Change Anything

The withdrawal of the two businesses from the trade blacklist “does not represent any shift in the US government’s economic policy against Iran,” according to a spokesperson for the Biden government’s Treasury.

“They have nothing to with the JCPOA negotiations,” according to the statement. “The US will continue to confront Iran’s destabilizing behavior, including by enforcing our sanctions.”

The Biden government did not respond on whether the companies halted supporting Iran’s nuclear weapons program, according to the report. Iran recently broke a key agreement with the Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) by refusing to allow international monitors to oversee its nuclear programs.

“Every single red line has been violated. Inspections are largely ignored,” Bennett stated. “All wishful thinking has been shown untrue. Iran is currently breaking IAEA safeguarding commitments and getting away with it.”

“Inspectors are harassed and probes are sabotaged, and they get away with it. They enrich Uranium by 60%, which is only one step away from weapons-grade materials, and they get away with it.”

“Evidence that plainly reveals Iran’s plans for nuclear weapons in covert installations in Turquzabad, Teheran, and Marivan is ignored,” he went on to say. “Iran’s nuclear program has reached a critical juncture. Our tolerance has also waned.”