Biden Struggling with Voter Remorse

On Tuesday, the Republican National Congressional Committee (NRCC) issued a poll that showed Republicans leading on the generic vote in 85 competitive district lines, 43 percent to 40 percent.

It’s Not Just Biden – It’s the Whole Party

It isn’t just Biden’s romance has come to an end. Per the poll (which was performed among 1,000 voters during October 16-21), voters are experiencing “Biden Remorse” because of Democrats’ ineptitude.

President Biden’s favorability rating has shifted from 51 percent favor to 45 percent disapproval since July and from 45 percent support to 51 percent disapproval in October.

As per the research, the change in approval is “nearly completely coming from swing voters,” a group that was essential in Biden’s election. According to the report, 39 percent of Independent voters approve of Biden’s job, while 54 percent disapprove.


Many of the populations who helped Biden win the presidency have turned on him now. This includes Hispanics (-5 percent) and university white voters (-3 percent). A majority of people (53 percent) do not think Biden is capable of leading the country. 62 percent of Independents feel Biden is incompetent.

According to the research, conservatives now lead in 85 competitive district lines “as a result of Democrats’ ineptitude,” with the GOP winning Independents by 8 percent (35 percent GOP – 27 percent liberal).

Conservatives have also influenced three percent of college-educated Caucasian voters who voted for Obama in 2012 (44 percent GOP vs. 41 percent liberal). Moreover, Republicans help grow momentum among Hispanic voters, with Democrats and Republicans tied at 42 percent with this group on the polling average in battleground seats.

As per the study, “Republicans enjoy a clear advantage on the topics that matter most to voters.” When asked to name the leading topics they want Biden and lawmakers to focus on, voters named jobs and growth (16 percent), border protection (15 percent), and rising prices of living (15 percent).

Other polls revealed respondents are dissatisfied with Biden’s management in these areas. As per the study, Republicans “have an advantage among voters, in terms of which party can better handle these challenges,” an advantage that has grown since the summer time.

Republicans Ahead on Every Front

As per the study, “Republicans enjoy a clear advantage on the topics that matter most to voters.” It’s also worth noting this data comes as the nation gets ready for the midterm elections arriving in a little over one year.

As Democrats rough out their final proposal, voters believe Democrats’ agenda will “increase their own taxes,” a belief that has grown by 6 percent from 51 percent in July to 57 percent in October.

As per the research, “more crucially, 66 percent of respondents believe the Democrats’ proposed expenditures will raise their personal costs of living, while only 5 percent believe it will lower their costs of living.”

In contrast to believing Democrats over-legislate spendthrifts, voters believe Democrats do a poor job of enforcing existing rules.