Biden to Adopt “More Welcoming” Version of Trump’s Border Policy

The Biden government is considering resuming what it calls a “more humanitarian” form of a contentious Trump-era refugee status scheme. As per three people involved with the conversations, the latest idea is called “Remain in Mexico lite.”

It would compel a small number of refugees to stay in Mexico while their claims are reviewed. It would also provide refugees with improved living conditions and accessibility to lawyers.

The current administration has begun discussions with Mexico in an attempt to find a balance between complying with a judicial court decision and fulfilling the president’s election pledges. Last month, a court judge decided that President Biden’s effort to halt the practice, which he promised on the campaign trails, was illegal.

Biden Plans to be More “Welcoming”

The prospect of restarting Migrant Protection Procedures, or MPP, one of former President Donald Trump’s most divisive migration measures while attempting to soften it, has enraged supporters. Biden supporters are the ones who anticipated Biden would propose a more welcoming approach for migrants.


Per the sources, migration attorneys and campaigners have been urging the DHS to release a new memorandum to try to halt the practice. This has been happening since the Supreme Court denied the government’s plea to keep it dormant while attempts to eradicate it proceeded in a lower court.

DHS said in a letter last week that it will appeal the verdict in court, but still, DHS did not say whether they would try to discontinue the program again using another rationale.

The Department of Homeland Security has challenged the federal court’s order and will seek to strongly challenge it. However, while the appeals process proceeds, DHS will abide by the decision in good faith.

Bidens Ultimate Border Plan is Still A Secret or Doesn’t Exist

However, federal officials have refused to divulge concrete plans for the project’s fate, putting asylum seekers at the southern border in a state of uncertainty once more.

Because of pandemic-related constraints, Biden already has managed to turn away the majority of migrants met at the crossing, even single people. He is proposing exemptions for immigrant children, as well as some couples who may be affected by any future policy that requires them to wait in Mexico.

The most annoying part from the last eight months was the continuously shifting policy positions and circumstances on the frontier. This is especially true for refugees and migrants who are on the other side thinking the following: ‘if we linger, Biden will eventually open up the border crossings and authorize us in.’ T

This news comes from Robyn Barnard, a senior activism advisor for refugee status at Civil Liberties First. Meanwhile, Biden’s ultimate border plan is still unknown and not in the works.