The Hidden Secrets of the Biden Administration

You can’t tell me it’s not starting to look a little bit suspect. How can an administration be so incompetent that every action it makes is destructive?

After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day. There is something more at stake here; it’s not just poor governance. It’s artificial, it’s planned, it’s an agenda. 

Build Back Worse?

Forget build back better; it should really be called, destroy everything fast. Destructive policies the Biden administration implemented and plans to implement are easily noticeable.

Any bill, law, or executive order that requires the taxpayer to fork out more pennies, is a destructive policy. They may not see it, but “taxing the rich” really means taking money out of the pockets of business owners.

Doesn’t sound bad yet? Business owners employ every single American in the private sector. Take money away from them, your salary will be cut, or worse, your job.

The issue compounds, meaning the more government taxes, the more people are forced onto grants; the more people on grants, the more the government needs to tax. It’s a vicious circle, a death spiral.

Biden’s spending plans do exactly that; they set America on a pathway to unstoppable decline. It’s a supply and demand issue regarding money, but the government will never have enough to supply.

In the 80s, Ronald Reagan implemented an economic plan that saw American taxes reduced. This leads to the tax man collecting more, not less tax for the US government.

How is this possible? When the tax levels were reduced and the tax base expanded, more people were paying less tax, and the money lost was regained with extra to spare.

What’s Their Agenda?

It’s not economic growth or prosperity; that is what we can say for certain. It almost appears the Democrat elites have been watching sci-fi television where the world is a disgusting socialist hellhole.

If you haven’t watched Blade Runner, The Expanse, or The Hunger Games, consider it. Here, you will see the world through the lens of the Hollywood elites who have this apparent fantasy of dystopia.

It’s blindingly clear that modern Hollywood is simply a mouthpiece for the leftist establishment. So, it should be no surprise the content they produce emulates the future they desire. 

That future is globalist. No borders, a one world government, totalitarian rulers. It’s not that far off, either. If the left can rig our elections once, they can do it again.

Don’t think you will resist. The moment you step out of line, you will be cancelled. A conservative who decides to protest will be labeled a terrorist by the state and removed from society.

We have the examples as clear as day. In Victoria, Australia, the leftist government has now refused to allow conservative lawmakers from entering the parliament under the excuse of public safety. 

If it can happen there, it can happen here. Don’t sleep easy, vote wisely, and never stop fighting for conservative values like freedom, self determination, and democracy.