Biden’s Bad Decisions Are Getting Dangerous

We’ve only seen the start of dangerous Joe Biden’s destructive extremism, as his poll ratings have plummeted. Biden will grow even more frantic and dangerous if we enter a recession, which is almost probably coming.

The Border Crisis

Biden has already flooded America with hundreds or even thousands of non vaccinated undocumented aliens. He’s also used his thought police FBI to brutalize parents who reject critical race theory as violent extremists.

Meanwhile, Biden enthralled the global climate change cult by wrist-flicking the sheer terror of fuel prices that could drown the impoverished this Christmas. Likewise, he’s already ordered fascist and unconscionable vaccine shot regulations.

‘Hold on to your core’ is an adage in politicians that is more true than any other. Hold on to your core at all costs. Bill Clinton’s success in the 1990s was due to his ability to maintain his constituency.

While his administration disintegrated under the burden of his womanizing, inappropriate touching (and impeachment), he kept his base by going to battle with the GOP, notably then-House Leader Newt Gingrich, and surviving.

George W. Bush’s demise in the 2000s was due to the loss of his core. Rather than hanging on to his constituency (as his presidency disintegrated underneath the burdens of Iraq and Katrina), he attempted to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. This destroyed his supporter base, and his poll numbers plummeted to record lows.

This notion was best understood by former President Trump than anyone else. It’s unlikely he would have lasted the entire four years if he betrayed his support base; he definitely wouldn’t have gone close to winning re-election.

Does Biden Know What He is Doing?

Admittedly, Biden is probably unaware of who he is or where he should be most of the time. His manipulative overlords, on the other hand, know, and there’s no doubt they’re trembling with fear when they look at his dismal poll numbers.

The horror stems from the knowledge there really is no turning back. The very worst thing that could happen to a leader is what has occurred to Biden. The public now has a different opinion of him.

He was meant to be the steady, efficient, and dull (in a good sense) hand at the wheel of state; he’s now turned out to be the polar opposite—a complete disaster on every level.

Afghanistan’s complete failure was a watershed moment from which no president can recover. It’s such a blunder, such an error of judgment, that it forever altered Americans’ perceptions of Biden.

No amount of press spin will ever be able to answer the following obvious question: Why did you withdraw the military before destroying all military hardware and evacuating the civilians?

When you add in Biden’s poor handling of the coronavirus (particularly the vaccine rollout) persistent inflation, and a border crisis that his predecessors largely resolved, you have a leader who has been revealed as shockingly inept. That isn’t something you can get over.

As a result, Biden is in a bad political situation, as seen by the surveys. He’s lost the support of moderate Republicans. He’s squandered Independent voters. He is left with only one choice.

He has had to keep his far-left support by hook or crook; the sad fact is his support is a far-left mob of foaming-at-the-mouth fascists who despise America, despise Americans, and would like to see Trump fans killed.