Biden’s Big Christmas Lie

President Joe Biden slammed news channels and social media platforms on Tuesday, labeling them “peddlers of misinformation and lies” who must “end it now.”

All of This Over the Common Cold

Biden gave a public statement about the emergence of the omicron strain. He also covered his administration’s strategy to expand vaccine booster supply and alleviate testing shortages.

Biden then asserted individuals who had not yet been vaccinated are still driving the pandemic.

Mentioning that some children under the age of five still lacked vaccination rates, Biden said the greatest thing others could do was be immunized and boosted. He later started calling for those younger children to around immunized individuals.

More Lies from Biden

“Again, those who are not immunized may believe they are just putting themselves at risk, but it is your decision. Your decision isn’t solely about you. It has an impact on others.”

“You are endangering other people. Your family and friends, colleagues, neighbors, and random strangers…and your decision could be the matter of life and death,” said Biden.

“The more the virus exists, the much more likely mutations arise, and these variants may be more dangerous than previous ones.”

This is totally false. Virus mutations can never become more deadly, only more contagious. Over time, the virus will fade away until its symptoms become similar to that of a cold (omicron) or even less.

“It’s the only thing that makes sense. Non-vaccinated people seem to be getting COVID and taking inpatient beds that are then inaccessible for people who suffer from heart problems or cancer,” Biden proceeded.

This is totally false. There is no indication hospitals are overflowing with non-vaccinated patients who suffer from COVID-19.

“Thanks to the previous administration and our science community, America was among the first countries to obtain the vaccination,” Biden said, referring to former President Trump and Operation Warp Speed.

“We spearheaded a roll-out and made America one of the global leaders in getting shots in arms, thanks to my government and the hard work of Americans.”

Biden didn’t just stop lying there. He continued forward with additional and demonstrably untrue claims.

The president went on to say as summer time neared, people became more resistive to the vaccinations, basing their apprehension on cable news (though he didn’t mention a specific network) and social networks.

“Obviously, the unvaccinated are accountable for their own decisions, but deadly disinformation on cable TV and social media has reinforced those decisions.”

“These companies and individuals make money by spreading lies and enabling information that can kill their own consumers and supporters to circulate. It’s incorrect.”

“It’s unethical. I demand the perpetrators of these lies and misinformation cease and desist.” Biden said, “Stop it right now.”