Biden’s Big Lie Over Kentucky Tornado

The deadly Kentucky tornado was generated by a warmer environment, which is causing storms to become more frequent.

Biden is Wrong

Scientists are unsure whether there is a link between cyclones and a warmer environment. Meanwhile, Biden couldn’t let a tragic event go without trying to politicize it for the liberal left’s favorite thing: the fight against global warming.

A reporter asked Biden if the Kentucky hurricane was caused by climate change, as survivors waited for relief and bodies were still being retrieved. Biden said while he was unaware of this specific storm, he would request an investigation from the Environmental Agency.

Biden was questioned if he “could infer these cyclones and their strength have anything to do with global warming.” This happened while speaking to media and digitally evaluating tornado damage in Wilmington, Delaware.

“All I know is the severity of the storm has some effects across the board, as a result of global warming and climate change,” Biden remarked. “At this point, I can’t say what influence these individual storms will have.”

“I’m thinking of asking the EPA and others to look into it,” Biden continued. “The fact is that we are all aware everything becomes more intense as the temperature warms. It definitely has an effect here, but I’m afraid I can’t offer you a quantifiable estimate.”

The issue is that, as a result of climate change, hurricanes can not become more “intense.” In fact, the evidence is circumstantial.

“Weather events show no variations pertaining to human impact,” as former Obama administration official Steven Koonin authored in his recent book Unsettled: What Climate Scientists Tell Us, What It Doesn’t, and How It Makes a Difference.

The greatest humans can say is that, if nothing else, U.S. tornadoes became more relatively harmless as the world has heated up over the past half a century, and we have no believable method for expressing future changes.”

Also, an Associated Press “explanation” has a hard time believing climate change is to blame for the Kentucky storms. “Attributing an individual storm like Friday’s to the effects of climate change is very difficult,” it said.

However, the AP struggled to find experts who said a warming climate could lead to more winter storms.

Bezos Shared Some Words

On Saturday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos expressed his “heartbreak” after at least six individuals were killed when a tornado devastated an Amazon warehouse in Illinois.

“The story from Edwardsville is awful,” Bezos wrote on Twitter. This tweet was sent out in reference to the town where the plant was situated. Bezo then went on to inform the world, “we’re devastated by the loss of our colleagues there, and our hearts go out to their family and loved ones.”