Biden’s Corruption Revealed

New emails demonstrate while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States, an acquaintance of his son, Hunter Biden, transferred money from his and Joe Biden’s online banking account.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop is Back on the Surface

Emails seized from Hunter’s computer (and seen by the newspapers) shed more insight on the interaction with Joe Biden’s department, as well as Hunter Biden’s consultant, Rosemont Seneca, when he was vice president of the United States.

Eric Schwerin, a business associate at Rosemont Seneca, transferred money from Hunter’s and his father’s accounts, according to an email from June 2020. This put doubt on the government’s assertions Joe Biden was unaware of his son’s business operations and offshore activities.

As per analysts, the story suggests current President Biden might be examined by the FBI as part of its investigation into Hunter’s tax troubles. The president rejected discussing Hunter’s business ventures publicly.

Past emails acquired from Hunter Biden’s laptop (which was left at a computer repair shop in Delaware and never reclaimed) indicate Joe met with various foreign officials (who collaborated with Hunter) when he was vice president, with at least one meeting coordinated by Hunter.

Schwerin wrote Hunter on June 10, 2010, about withdrawing money out of his father’s accounts and depositing it in Hunter’s account. According to Schwerin, the vice president legally owed his child.

“Your dad’s tax rebate check from Delaware arrived today. Since he owes you money, I’m putting it in his bank and sending you a check for that amount. I don’t believe I have to run it past him, but if you insist, go ahead. If not, I’ll make a deposit the next day,” Schwerin wrote.

Special Treatment and Favors

As per the article, other emails suggest Rosemont Seneca got special treatment from the vice president’s office. According to the Daily Mail, Rosemont Seneca got extra privileges from the White House (since Biden was in office), such as large numbers of bookings to exclusive 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue activities.

He also reportedly got personal tours for Rosemont Seneca customers and colleagues, demonstrating the deep business relationship between Hunter’s company and the vice presidential office during Joe’s time as vice president.

When an assistant to Senator Robert Menendez asked then-Vice President Joe Biden to host the United States-Spain Council’s 2010 annual conference at his formal Naval observatory home in Washington, DC, they called Schwerin instead of Biden’s White House staff.

Hunter, as well as Schwerin, then talked secretly about how they could gain favor with ‘CEOs of large institutions’ if they helped facilitate the request. Hunter stated in December the FBI was examining him for his “tax troubles.”

According to John Cassara, a retired US intelligence analyst and Treasury special agent, the FBI inquiry into Hunter’s taxes could also include his father’s assets. Because Joe Biden is the president, according to Cassara, the FBI inquiry has not yet included him.

“The evidence that is publicly available is highly concerning, especially in the area of corruption,” Cassara added.