Biden’s Open Border Policy Lets 52K Illegal Immigrants Into the US

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

Even though a lot of the stuff we’re experiencing today can be written up as Biden’s incompetence in leading this country and the people in it, the border crisis has to be the biggest screwup he’s made during his term.

Due to the White House’s ineffectiveness in stopping the southern border crisis, in August alone, more than 52k illegal aliens entered this country. That’s only one sector of the border in Texas.

“US Mexico Border” by Shaan Hurley

Thousands crossed in only one Texas border sector

Aside from being indicative of how pointless Biden’s open border policies are, this also goes to show how much the Biden administration’s been lying to us when they were claiming they’ve got the crisis under control.

Saturday’s report from Breitbart showed Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 52k illegal immigrants crossing the Del Rio Sector in Texas last month.

This marks an increase compared to July’s numbers, with the number of apprehensions per day averaging at 1,700.

Unfortunately, that’s just accounting for those who were actually caught, as the flow of illegal aliens continues to grow each day. Given how the Border Patrol’s agents are stretched thin lately, it’s only a matter of time before the crisis spirals out of control.

Despite all of this, Biden still musters the courage to call Trump, his supporters, and the entire MAGA movement a threat to this country, unaware of the fact Trump’s handling of the southern border situation was remarkable by comparison.

Dozens of deaths in the Del Rio Sector

If that wasn’t enough, Biden also fails to mention the thousands of deaths that happen on these illegal crossing sites every month. Biden, instead, is advocating for hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to be spent to aid those who actually entered the US.

One might think he’s actually pushing for illegal immigration, rather than trying to bring an end to it.

Although reports show the administration is considering the idea of finishing sections of Trump’s wall, even if Democrats’ agenda for the past six years has been strongly opposed to it.

In August alone, there were a dozen cases of children drowning at the Del Rio crossing, an issue that can only be dealt with by tightening security around the border, which would lead to the discouragement of those looking to cross the border.

As it stands though, the large number of people in custody drastically reduces the number of agents available to deal with the crisis.

This means a certain amount of them have to be removed from the border, where they could instead be aiding those who start drowning at the Del Rio crossing.

Unfortunately, there’s no conceivable solution to this. All of these deaths can be attributed directly to Joe Biden and his second in command, Kamala Harris, who purposely failed to seal the border.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.