Biden’s Poor Border Policy Causing A Headache For Texas Gov. Abbott

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott slammed the Biden government on Saturday for much of what he called the government’s total desertion of upholding the nation’s immigration rules.

Abbott also warned of a historic migrant influx which is pushing his state to take severe measures.

The simple truth is there’s an unparalleled increase in the migrants coming into this country; this comes as a result of the government’s complete abandonment of enforcing existing immigration rules.

Moreover, the federal government has decided to leave the burden of handling the immigration crisis up to Texas.

In May, there were 180,000 immigrant interactions, and the figure is projected to be similar in June. It’s a considerable rise over the amount of contact seen in comparable periods last year, when only 23,000 were reported in May 2020.

Conservatives have faulted the refugee sharp rise, and also their discharge into the United States in some instances, on the repeal of border safeguards such as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

They’ve also faulted the curtailing of structural work of the wall, criticizing the government for concentrating on processing instead of trying to remove immigrants.

The Biden administration has seen an increase in crossings since April of last year. However, they are blaming this on a combination of the Trump administration’s lack of preparedness, as well as core issues such as crime and corruption in Central And South America.

America Does Not Approve Of Biden’s Poor Performance 


Abbott has raised concerns about undocumented immigrants being allowed into the United States, along with an uptick in substances like fentanyl entering the nation.

After the Biden administration blocked Trump-era wall building, Abbott announced recently a proposal to construct a barrier in Texas and put up a $250 million payment on the construction.

In addition, the state is making space in prisons to house undocumented immigrants. Furthermore, Abbott has prioritized border security funds in the Texas legislature.

Abbott’s comments came during a conference with bordering sheriffs on Saturday. During this time, the Texas governor heard briefings from police departments on efforts to prevent drugs and other merchandise from entering the state.

Uncontrolled Migration Means an Increase in the Illegal Drug Trade

Due to the extremely large number of people who are detained or have to be apprehended, Abbott stated his department is going to work with both the state’s prison committee and other organizations.

He also cautioned of a coordinated effort on the Texas side of the divide by smuggling and crime syndicates to place undocumented immigrants in stash areas.

There were also more high-speed pursuits as police forces pursue criminal traffickers attempting to get goods and refugees into the United States.

Abbott moreover sought assistance from other jurisdictions, with some sending National Guard personnel to help secure the frontier.

On Saturday, Abbott cautioned that the border problem was not simply a frontier or even a Texas concern, given the harm that narcotics like fentanyl represent to neighboring states.