Biden’s “Semi-Fascist” Comments Continue to Backfire on Him

Joe Biden, within the past month alone, has considerably increased his negative rhetoric towards the Republican Party and especially Trump supporters.

It turns out that Biden threw his previous talks about being a unifier out the door when he determined it may be politically beneficial to Democrats in the forthcoming midterm elections.

By branding Trump supporters as “semi-fascist” and threats against US democracy, he’s taken a lot of heat. Even some networks like NBC News and CNN have suggested this rhetoric is an issue since Biden ran in 2020 on the promise of bringing the country together.

With increasingly divisive rhetoric from this president and his administration, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is one of the latest GOP critics demanding an apology, per Newsmax.

McCarthy on Biden’s Rhetoric

While speaking in Pennsylvania, McCarthy drew attention to just how dangerous and divisive Biden’s become less than two years into his term.

According to the House Minority Leader, Biden’s not showing good leadership when he rips into people who don’t agree with him politically.

After saying that Biden owes the nation an apology for his comments about “MAGA Republicans” being “semi-fascist,” McCarthy noted that a GOP majority will allow the United States to reach better days that lie ahead.

The remarks from the House Minority Leader arrived right before Biden gave yet another divisive speech on Thursday. This time, he doubled down even further on demonizing and otherizing Republicans who support former President Trump.

This rhetoric was ironically mixed in with talks about democracy and a need for the country to unify and demonstrate respect for political differences.

Par For the Course For Biden

Ripping into “MAGA Republicans” as “semi-fascist” follows the president’s previous commentary that GOP members who want the Senate filibuster to remain are like racist segregationists from the past.

Americans can see, at this point, that Biden was never truly serious about unity in this nation. If anything, the president’s notion of unity is everyone coming around to his view and way of thinking, rather than people genuinely respecting political differences.

All things considered, people can look forward to more of this rhetoric from the current president and his administration.

At the end of the day, Americans will have the chance to vote in November and determine whether or not they want to elect representatives and senators who will ultimately be enablers of Biden.

The midterms are going to serve as a referendum on the Biden administration and the results it’s brought upon the country.

Do you agree with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who says Biden owes Americans an apology for his rhetoric about Trump-supporting Republicans? Let us know in the comments feed if you think Biden will keep this rhetoric going.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.