Biden’s “Semi-Fascist” Speech is Being Compared to the 1938 Nuremburg Trials

The fact television networks provided Biden time to spread his rhetoric as if it were a real topic of national importance made it an act of extraordinary dishonesty and demagoguery.

Biden breaks promise to never politicize military with Marines behind him

The speech’s staging was weirdly fascist as well. Marines were on either side of Biden. Independence Hall was illuminated in crimson in the background.

Social media exploded with comparisons to the 1938 Nuremberg Trials since it appeared to be a Chinese Communist Party event, if not worse. Biden repeated the term “unity” multiple times throughout his speech, too.

True, Biden did not mention everyone; nonetheless, he stressed the importance of working with each other to combat “political extremism, white supremacy, and domestic terrorism.” However, few Americans believe he actually wants to exclude such extreme categories.

Essentially, Biden’s presidency is ended. You cannot serve as the president of democracy and declare war on half the country. Biden will no longer be considered genuine in the same way he formerly was.

The Biden White House had the chance to make clear his criticisms of what he called “semi-fascism” among “MAGA Republicans” were not directed at Republican voters throughout the week immediately prior to the address.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary, claimed you are fair game “when you are supporting an authoritarian leader,” in this case, Donald Trump.

The labels “semi-fascist” and “extreme,” in Jean-Pierre’s opinion, were acceptable for three reasons.

She began by asserting Republicans utilized extreme rhetoric. She also asserted Republicans are pro-life and they seek to restrict people’s “rights” and “freedoms.”

She did not object when a reporter asked if the entire pro-life movement was “semi-fascist.”

She claimed “extremism” actually refers to having policies only backed by a small political minority. That is totalitarianism, the dictatorship of the majority, not “defending democracy.”

In order to prevent debate between conflicting points of view, Jean-Pierre wants to declare opposing opinions are not permitted in democracies.

Third, she brought up January 6, the riot Democrats used as justification for their aspirations in the midterm elections, turning it into an “insurrection” in order to smear all Republicans, including those who denounced it.

Biden faces backlash over speech

Biden’s terrible rhetoric is in part a representation of his temperament.

However, Biden’s disdain for roughly 75 million Trump supporters also exemplifies the left’s broader animosity toward “deplorables” and its desire for them to vanish, along with their purportedly “white supremacist” constitutional ideals.

By this point, it has been standard practice for Democrats and dishonest journalists to compare every Republican presidential contender to Adolf Hitler. Attacking Americans who support Republicans is something new.

One representative of the Democrat Party claimed last week on MSNBC that the “MAGA Republicans” — or the vast majority of Republicans who back Trump — “are a domestic terrorist cell operating in America.”

The majority of people concur practically anything can be done to thwart terrorists or Hitler. This is headed in a very negative direction.