Blacks, Hispanics Flocking To GOP As 2022 Midterm Campaign Comes to an End

In the 2018 midterm elections, black people overwhelmingly supported Democrats. They received 92% of the black vote, while the GOP received only 6%.

Based on the exit polling statistics analyzed by Pew Research, in the same year, Democrats held a wide majority amongst Hispanic voters, 72% to 25%.

Inflation and Crime Cause Shift

This time, though, things are shifting rapidly as black and Hispanic voters flock to the Republican Party in response to high gasoline prices, food costs, and increasing crime rates.

USA Today writes that the perception the White House has just not done enough to combat inflation is enabling Republicans make substantial gains among Hispanic and black voters, two demographic groups on which Democrats have traditionally depended for support.

Currently, 40% of Hispanics and 21% of blacks support the Republican nominee, based on a poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University.

Those percentages are staggering, with black support increasing by 15 points from 6% in the last elections to 21% and Hispanic support increasing by the same amount to 40%.

Obviously, the official figures could shift just after election; the survey is simply an estimate based on current voter sentiment.

Even if the gain is half as much as anticipated — perhaps seven or eight percentage points — it would still result in a Republican wave on Election Day.

While Democrats are attempting to focus the November 8 election on abortion, 37% of respondents ranked the economic system as the most significant issue, while only 18% ranked abortion as the second most pressing problem.

Blacks and Hispanics have gotten increasingly dissatisfied with the escalating crime rate in U.S. cities, prompting an abrupt shift between the two vote blocs.

Following decades of incompetence by Democrats, who have long governed the largest cities in the United States, it may be appropriate to give the other side a chance.

However, there are a few additional driving elements in the movement. The majority of Christian black and Hispanic blocs oppose the LGBT and transexual agenda espoused by Democrats.

They are not pleased with liberals’ defunding of law enforcement and no-bail policies, partly since they are the most impacted by these policies in urban areas.

Democrats are well aware they will be smashed in the midterm elections. Some are even preparing talking points for November 9, such as claiming the elections were hijacked as a result of Republican suppression of voters of color.

When questioned about Georgia’s election participation last Tuesday, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated “voter suppression” and “high turnout” can occur simultaneously.

President Joe Biden referred to the state’s voting regulations as “Jim Crow 2.0”; nonetheless, Georgia is experiencing record early voting participation.

Jean-Pierre Has Odd Response

Jean-Pierre was questioned if the White House is “noticing examples of voter suppression in Georgia, as well as other states that implemented these laws in the past two years.”

The response was peculiar.

“See, we’ve seen ourselves, as I’ve just outlined — we’ve watched ourselves, from the state legislation we’ve observed all over the country that suppresses the right to vote, and look, we think individuals should have basic access to voting,” she stated.

Politico, a left wing website started by two Washington Post reporters, also promotes talking points. The website lamented blacks are not voting and the voting group that put Biden in office soured on the aging president.