BLM Under Fire For Blaming the USA for Cuba Crisis

After tweeting a message blasting the US and praising Cuba’s regime (when the country was disrupted by historical demonstrations and deadly clampdowns), Black Lives Matter received a barrage of condemnation this week.

The remark (which was first shared on Instagram before being retweeted and reposted) blames the country’s turmoil on the US blockade. BLM then praised the Cuban government for previously offering sanctuary to black revolutionaries.

US Politicians Took the Opportunity to Slam BLM

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, slammed BLM for its remarks.

The opportunist gang known as Black Lives Matter took a hiatus tonight from extorting millions of dollars from businesses and building homes for themselves because they want to show their appreciation for the socialist dictatorship in Cuba, Rubio wrote.

The BLM announcement was made about the same time that Cuban President Miguel Dáz-Canel acknowledged in a television interview that his administration’s shortcomings contributed to demonstrations over food scarcity and other issues. He previously urged revolutionaries to confront anti-government demonstrators.

The tweet from the Black Lives Matter Worldwide Network Organization, Inc. repeated Dáz-early Canel’s pronouncements, in which he accused the US blockade of the nation’s economic ruin.

Cuba is experiencing its greatest economic downturn in generations, as well as a rise of coronavirus outbreaks.

Even the Biden Administration Agrees America Is Not to Blame

On Monday, Secretary of Defense Antony Blinken disputed that the United States was to fault. Cuba, he noted, has a long list of issues. Cubans, he continued, are sick of living in a nation where the economy is mishandled.

This is what we’re witnessing and seeing in Cuba, he continued; it’s a representation of the Cuban people, not the US or indeed any outside player.

BLM appealed to the US to eliminate the restrictions, which are at the root of Cuba’s present situation. The sanctions were imposed with the deliberate goal of destabilizing the region and weakening Cubans’ ability to choose their own administration.

The BLM report highlights the difficult political situation in the United States when it comes to Cuba. Many Democrats and Republicans have expressed their support for anti-government demonstrators.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, the child of a Cuban migrant, expressed his support for the demonstrators via Twitter on Sunday.

He shared a video showing scores of people protesting at the front of the Communist Party’s offices, saying the existing dictatorship would be condemned to history.

Decades of Cubans have been mistreated and refused freedom; others have been forced to emigrate, he tweeted. The citizens of the United States support Cuban males and females in their brave fight for liberation.

President Biden has termed the demonstrations historical and a rallying cry, but others claim the White House has gone too far in supporting the demonstrators.

The Democrat Party’s progressive side, most of whom agree with BLM on policy, appears unclear on how to respond to the demonstrations, ensuing violent clampdowns, and internet outages.