Both Sides Frustrated With Biden Over Inaction During Cuba Crisis

After protestors posted images of demonstrators around the island crying for freedom, demanding an end to the dictatorship, Cuba’s government promptly turn off the internet and subsequently disabled social sites.

President Joe Biden’s government in the United States has been hesitant to respond. Conservatives, on the other hand, haven’t avoided speaking since the demonstrations began on Sunday.

On Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, two Florida Republican House members, and a federal official urged the Biden government to quickly approve a high-altitude communications network.

Biden is also being pressed to approve another new tech that would allow Cuban civilians to bypass the socialist administration’s restrictions. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) visited with White House officials on Wednesday to convey the same request.

Desantis and Rubio Have Taken Strong Stand For the Cuban People

At a media briefing, DeSantis, who may run against Biden in the 2024 presidential race, stated that Florida urges President Biden to come out and make this occur.

The truth is indeed the single element socialist countries hate more than any other. So, if we can assist Cubans to connect with each other and as well as with the rest of the globe, then reality will prevail. 

On Thursday evening, Biden said his government is investigating if the United States has the technical prowess to restore internet service to the island. As per community politicians, Cubans started to have even more internet access on Wednesday.

This happened after a blackout left most of the country with minimal to no ability to discuss and expose the federal actions to demonstrators, thousands of whom have been jailed or are disappearing.

Both Sides United in Urging Action From the Biden Administration

Officials from both parties have urged the Biden White House to move up and increase accessibility so that the Cuban government cannot cut off Cubans’ internet connection in the foreseeable future.

The White House, on the other hand, isn’t committed. It has been reluctant to respond to the Cuban issue. Conservatives have seized on Biden’s measured approach, accusing him of being too dysfunctional.

Moreover, Florida Democrats are concerned that the administration would squander a chance to refocus US Cuba strategy and boost the party’s political prospects in a previous swing state where Republicans have steadily gained ground by courting Latino voters.

DeSantis is demonstrating movement and activity. Carlos Odio, the founder of Equis Polling, a Democrat Latino research organization, observed that it’s what voters desire.  Sympathy with the Cuban people and efforts to find answers for the Cuban people are just what people are searching for.

Authorities in the Biden government have been trying to discuss the supply chain of circumventing Cuban repression in private; however, the president is still involved in a months-long evaluation of the Cuban strategy.

This was brought into clear perspective on Saturday once unparalleled demonstrations spontaneously erupted on the island. Officials claim they are attempting to be thoughtful in their Cuban policies.