Breaking! – Biden to Disband the Marine Corps

President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement is “crushing” US Marines, with thousands facing discharge for refusing to get the shot, according to multiple, active-duty Marines.

Get Vaxed or Else!

Since the Department of Defense’s vaccine requirement went into force on Nov. 28, 169 Marines have been dismissed for refusing the vaccine, with thousands more facing the same fate.

Marines can request for a religious objection, but no request for the COVID-19 vaccination has been granted yet, according to a Marine Corps spokeswoman.

Fox News Digital gave confidentiality to some Marines who refuse to take the injection so they could talk freely. They claim they are seeing a “political cleansing” by the Biden administration.

The military’s “best and brightest” are being forced out over sincerely held convictions they claim are protected by the First Amendment.

“There’s something profoundly wrong with our country’s leadership right now,” remarked a major with over 17 years of active duty.

“We’re up against an unconstitutional directive that, in my opinion, is extremely targeted as a political purge, removing some of the force’s best and brightest troops, sailors, airmen, Marines, and guardians.”

According to a lieutenant colonel with over 19 years of active duty, the military, particularly the Marine Corps, appears to be dismissing service members “as quickly and viciously as they can, harming every Marine as much as they can on the way out.”

“The colonel above me had only one warning for me: ‘Tread cautiously, this is political, you will be squashed like an ant.’ He said that he did it because he cared about me.”

No Argument is Heard

According to one master sergeant, “the louder I yell, the tighter the clamps are twisted against me.”

“When you’re supposed to act a certain way, observe certain regulations, and follow certain protocols, and then you see on the other end that’s not a two-way street,” the master sergeant added, “that’s a breach of my principles I absolutely cannot stand by and not speak out about.”

According to the Marines who talked with Fox News, they were denied religious exemptions on a “blanket” basis, with their requests being denied without consideration.

Eight denial letters obtained to Fox News were remarkably identical, with the primary reason for rejection being “military preparedness.”

The master sergeant added, “I saw one packet from a sergeant who had included, like, 30 pages of material to support why his belief was genuine, under no lawful duty to do so.”

“Then, to get this as a reply, with no specific inquiry and simply a broad declaration of governmental interest, is disrespectful.”

“On the religious aspect, what’s going on is an awful travesty,” one chief warrant officer stated.

“People are getting blanket rejections. They aren’t taking into account the unique issues or beliefs of Marines who are requesting religious accommodations, which I believe is completely unacceptable. I honestly believe they aren’t reading the packets at all.”