BREAKING NEWS – FDA Sued Over Covid Vaccine!

The Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States is being accused of failing to provide the COVID-19 vaccine safety analysis findings.

This is Groundbreaking

The latest case, brought on January 26 in Washington by the charity Children’s Health Defenders, alleges that the FDA’s activities are federally illegal.

The lawsuit claims scores of adverse occurrences following COVID-19 injections have been recorded to the federal government. It claims scientists, doctors, public health professionals, and other interested people have challenged the safety of these shots.

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However, the national government has persisted in promoting COVID-19 shots as “effective and safe” and assuring the community that federal authorities are closely monitoring their health throughout the COVID-19 epidemic.

The FDA’s analysis of complaints to the Vaccine Adverse Event Tracking System is being sued for the unprocessed findings (VAERS).

Adverse reactions to vaccinations can be reported through VAERS, a joint project between the FDA and the US Department for Prevention and Control. Nevertheless, the VAERS database that is used by both the FDA and CDC has frequently come under fire.

According to the procedure, the FDA must analyze VAERS reports using Empirical Bayesian data analysis to determine whether any safety signals have been activated. These signals are intended to help with vaccine assessments for potentially detrimental events.

They Admit It!

“A VAERS report does not imply that a vaccine-related adverse event occurred. However, VAERS can provide crucial information to the CDC and FDA.”

“FDA and CDC will do additional research and, if necessary, take appropriate action if it appears a vaccine may be the source of a problem, according to the CDC’s website.

In response to CHD’s demand for these studies, the FDA refused them, stating the documents were “intra-agency memos comprising views, suggestions, and policy discussions inside the consultation exercise of FDA, out of which verifiable material is not substantially separable.”

This study “contains a consideration of policy and legal topics and falls inside the attorney creative output and attorney-client protections as articulated by the High Court,” the FDA continues.

Despite the fact that its guidelines have been used to support federal, state, and local vaccine mandates, the Food and Drug Administration is a “global health agency” that refuses to be transparent about its studies of vaccines.

The lawsuit aims to clarify the FDA’s rationale for designating the vaccines as “safe and effective.”

The World Health Organization’s most crucial clinical recommendations have been demonstrably wrong since the start of the outbreak and this falsehood has cost lives.

You’ll recall that even as the disease expanded throughout the United States, the WHO insisted that COVID could not be communicated from one person to another.

In order to initially conceal the outbreak’s genesis and later conceal its roots from the public, the WHO secretly collaborated with the Chinese government. The WHO is not being attacked. Those are verifiable facts. They ought to be disqualified, right?