Russia Strikes Back, Key Weapons Destroyed

Moscow claimed to have destroyed multiple Ukrainian defense systems on Monday.

This is what seemed to be a renewed effort to win air supremacy and remove weaponry that Kyiv characterized as critical, ahead of an anticipated broad new attack in the east.

The Terrible Truth

Russia said it hit four S-300 missiles near the central city of Dnipro that were supplied by an unnamed European country in one strike.

Last week, Slovakia offered Ukraine such a system but claimed it had been damaged. Russia has already confirmed two attacks on identical systems in different locations.

Moscow’s first assault was stymied on multiple fronts as Ukrainian forces fought back, preventing the Russians from capturing the government and other cities.

Moscow’s capacity to just provide air cover for forces on the ground has been impeded by its failure to gain complete control of Ukraine’s airspace, restricting their gains and exposing them to heavier losses.

With their onslaught in many regions of the country halted, Russian forces have resorted to shelling cities, a policy that resulted in the destruction of several cities and also the deaths of thousands of civilians.

The war has even wreaked havoc on Ukraine’s industry, with the World Bank predicting a 45 percent decline this year.

Russian soldiers are accused of carrying out atrocities in Ukraine, including a massacre in Bucha, a hamlet west of Kyiv, bombings on hospitals, and a missile attack on a railway station that murdered at least 57 people last week.

The exhumation of corpses from a mass burial in a churchyard in Bucha resumed on Monday.

The Human Side

Galyna Feoktistova sat in the pouring rain for hours in the hopes of recognizing her 50-year-old father, who was murdered over a month ago, but she finally returned home for some comfort.

Andriy, her surviving son, remarked, “He’s still there.”

In other news, Russia has named a seasoned commander to lead a military offensive in the eastern Donbas area.

This is where Moscow-backed rebels have fought Ukrainian troops since 2014 and declared independence. Both sides are preparing for a potentially terrible attrition war.

Likewise, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked for greater western assistance, claiming his soldiers require more weapons to fend off the Russian assault and push them back.

Zelenskyy said on Sunday, echoing sentiments he made in an AP interview, that the upcoming week might be crucial, and Western backing — or lack thereof — could be decisive.

In a “60 Minutes” discussion, Zelenskyy said, “To be fair, whether we could be able to (survive) hinges on this.”

“Unfortunately, I am not optimistic that we will receive what we require.” He particularly sought technology that can fire down Russian missiles in a video speech to South Korean lawmakers on Monday.