Trump Likely to Be Arrested!

Senate Democrats claim Attorney General Merrick Garland might pursue ex-President Trump for the January 6, 2021 incident at the US Capitol.

The Details

Several Democrat lawmakers told The Hill there is a “good probability” the Justice Department will seek to indict Trump, thus excluding him from the 2024 race.

Senate Democrats supplied no clear proof or sources to back up their assertions; likewise, Merrick Garland made no indication he intends to pursue Trump.

Democrat Senators Richard Blumenthal and Tim Kaine both stated the Justice Department may have evidence to indict the past president, without providing details.

“They have all of the proof,” Kaine said, adding that he thinks the government’s attempts to block election certification prior to the incident on January 6 are “very much involved” by “federal laws.”

Garland follows the rules to a tee. Authorities will chat with you about topics and give you status updates. Prosecutors, on the other hand, should not behave in this manner.

Prosecutors typically examine all of the evidence before filing an indictment/charge or saying nothing at all. If they submit an accusation or charge, they leave it at that and don’t offer any commentary.

Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown stated he won’t decide on the president’s criminality until all the information is presented; nevertheless, he still feels there is “a great deal of evidence” that Trump was involved in the January 6 violence.

“I believe everybody who is proven to have played a role in the preparation of [the January 6 attack] must be punished, not only the folks who stormed in and destroyed my office windows,” Brown said.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has said nothing about pursuing the 45th president. However, he declared he would investigate those “at any level” who carried out what he called an “attack on our democracy.”

“If they were around that day or somewhat criminally responsible,” he continued, “the Justice Department remains dedicated to bringing all criminals, at any level, responsible under the law.”

Some Senate Democrats, under the condition of anonymity, expressed concern that such prosecution may boomerang if Trump were to escape.

“If you draw the gun on this one, you have to make absolutely sure you don’t miss,” one member told The Hill. “If you miss, that basically confirms the conduct.”

They Are Going After His Kids

The personal cell phone data of Donald Trump’s middle son Eric, along with those of Kimberly Guilfoyle (who is planning to marry Donald Trump Jr.), have been summoned by the US House Committee hearing on the January 6 attack.

The story notes that neither Eric Trump nor Kimberly Guilfoyle were formally summoned. They may not have even been told of the summons, according to CNN.

CNN has regularly been the first to report on the Democrat Party’s efforts to target Trump loyalists.