Can Biden Possibly Get Any Worse Than This?

According to a recent CNBC and Change Research poll of voters conducted between December 17 and 20, President Biden’s disapproval rating has risen to 56 percent, the highest in his administration.

Biden’s unfavorable rating was 49 percent in April and 54 percent in September, according to the same poll.

It’s not looking good

More than half of Americans (56 percent) disapproved of President Biden’s job performance as president, awarding him a “C” or “D” in all categories on his report card.

This is nearly matching Trump’s lowest ratings in 2020 from CNBC and Change Research polling, according to CNBC.

In comparison to a year ago, when 56 percent of respondents thought the US economy was in “poor” or “not so good” shape, the new poll shows that percentage jumped to 73 percent.

72 percent of people disapproved of Biden’s handling of daily goods prices; 56 percent thought Biden deserved little to no credit for jobs created since he came into office.

Only 21% of voters thought Biden’s American Rescue Plan helped them, while 29% thought it made them worse off.

“The typical margin of error is 2.3 percent, but the modeled margin of error for this poll is 3.1 percent, which employs appropriate sample sizes that correct for the design effect,” according to CNBC.

The Daily Mail reported a USA Today/Suffolk University poll performed during December 27-30 found only 40% of eligible voters approved of Biden’s job as president, while 54% disapproved.

The Daily Wire revealed this week “a new poll finds more than half of adults are ‘frightened for what the year 2022 contains for both the United States (51%) and the rest of the world (54%),” according to Axios.

What can Biden do?

Conservatives were more gloomy than moderate Democrats both years, but in this year’s poll, all three groups became more pessimistic.

69 percent of Republicans, 45 percent of Democrats, and 47 percent of Independents indicated they were much more afraid than hopeful.

Furthermore, 51 percent, including 66 percent of Republicans, 41 percent of Democrats, and 46 percent of Independents, stated they are more afraid than optimistic about what the United States will face in 2022.

Biden’s economic popularity ratings were lower than former Democrat President Jimmy Carter.

Carter’s economic net favorability rating of -8 points in a CBS News/New York Times survey in early January 1978 was the weakest for an administration before Biden’s -13 percent.

In a late October 1977 Gallup poll, the economy, especially hyperinflation, was named the nation’s top concern.

Inflation appears to be a major concern for Biden in particular. According to a recent ABC News/Ipsos survey, only 28% of Americans approved of his handling of inflation.

In a December Fox News poll, more people indicated they were worried about prices than any other problem.

Meanwhile, only 22% believed the Biden government’s efforts to reduce inflation and price increases were helpful. A plurality of people (47 percent) indicated they were in pain.