Canada Introduces Law to Freeze Handgun Sales

"Justin Trudeau Interview" by Alex Guibord

After Canadian officials announced an update to their gun control laws, this time attempting to freeze all pistol purchases, the small caliber firearms just flew off the shelves.

This left many in disbelief with the political misfire that happened.

Handgun sales surged in a matter of hours after the country’s Prime Minister announced the upcoming implementation of a gun control law that freezes the import and sale of pistols.

“Justin Trudeau” by Alex Guibord

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau misfires

Due to this, many gun stores in Canada have sold out their entire pistol stock in what’s been under a week now.

This is obsoleting the existence of Canada’s already overly restrictive policies which make the purchase of a handgun a herculean task.

Gun store owners like Jen Lavigne openly criticized the Prime Minister’s attempt at banning pistol sales, responding by doing their best to sell as many firearms as possible before the law’s implementation is due.

Shops like “That Hunting Store,” which is owned by Lavigne, sold upwards of 100 guns in a three-day period since Trudeau’s announcement. She added the upcoming ban isn’t likely to change much.

It will only negatively impact legal gun owners in the country, now that everyone and their mothers are rushing to buy one while it’s still fair game.

Josko Kovic, the owner of DoubleTap Sports, experienced a similar buying spree in his own store.

Customers were lining up outside the store only a couple of hours after the Prime Minister’s declaration, leaving many stores cleared out completely when it comes to handguns.

Canada’s streets flood with freshly-bought pistols

Aside from leaving gun store owners with their pockets full, the surge in handgun purchases is bound to have an impact on the violent crime rate in Canada.

This is the very thing Trudeau was looking to bring down with these draconian restrictions.

As if it wasn’t already difficult enough, passing every hurdle required to become a gun owner in the country demands acquiring character references and signatures, on top of passing a lengthy and thorough background check.

Naturally, no one should encourage selling a firearm that can administer lethal force to a person involved in some shady business.

However, these laws make it just as hard for law-abiding and hardworking Canadians to gain access to a means of protecting one’s self.

Trudeau is riding the wave of mass shootings in the US to justify his pistol ban, claiming a fewer amount of firearms in a community results in increased safety.

This, in hindsight, is a statement that aged about as well as milk.

This is further enforced by the fact the city of Chicago implemented a similar ban between the years of 1982 and 2010; this led to nothing more than an increase in homicide and violent crime rates.