Canada’s Leftist Leader Pelted with Rocks at Party Event

Opponents threw what seemed to be small pebbles — small rocks — at Canadian Far Left Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; this happened during the newest confrontation the Liberal Party leader has encountered on the election road.

On Monday, Trudeau and his crew were visiting a political rally in Ontario. During this time, they were faced by yet another demonstration in which some in the crowd threw rocks or stones at Trudeau as he went to board his tour bus.

Trudeau talked about the event a couple of minutes later, stating that he had not been hurt. A note from Canadian state broadcaster CBC characterized the objects as pebbles.

This is the First Time Public Opinion Reached Low Levels

This is the first time demonstrators have tried to violently confront the Liberal leader since the electoral campaign began in Canada.

During the campaign, however, Trudeau has been met with demonstrations around the country; some of these demonstrations have resulted in the postponement of campaign events, due to stated security concerns.

Civil unrest is never justifiable, and [Canadian] press must be free of harassment, intimidation, and assault, Conservative Party (CPC) head Erin O’Toole said. Many demonstrations have been connected to anti-coronavirus vaccine requirements and anti-vaccine ID programs.

There are also frustrations with a Liberal policy banning unvaccinated persons from flying and traveling by train. According to Trudeau, there is still a tiny fringe component in this nation that is upset, that just doesn’t understand science, that is striking out with xenophobic, sexist attacks.

More from Tradeadu: the overwhelming bulk of Canadians are not depicted by them, and I know that they will not permit those opinions (these special interests, those protesters, I wouldn’t even want to call them demonstrators, those anti-vaxxer mobs) to determine how this country is getting through this COVID epidemic.

Trudeau Hit Back With Weak Words

Maxime Bernier is the head of the populist People’s Party of Canada (PPC) and the sole major party leader opposing vaccination passports in the election. She said seeing stones thrown at Trudeau offends her. Bernier also says Canadians’ weapons are ideas. Physical violence, on the other hand, is always completely mistaken.

To paraphrase additional statements from Bernier: conflict has always been a sweet spot for lefties. Trudeau and Singh celebrated a Marxist murderous dictator and are comfortable with it. This is referring both to Singh and Trudeau’s previous support for former Cuban tyrant Fidel Castro.

When Canadians fight back against this socialist criminal’s relentless attack on their freedoms and rights, they accuse us of being dangerous, Bernier warned. On September 20th, Canadians will go to vote.

Right now, surveys show that Trudeau is unlikely to win a majority of House seats in Parliament and he may even lose to the conservatives.