Canadian Government Crushes Freedom Trucker Organizers

The Canadian trucker saga is far from over.

Those who organized the protests find themselves victims of the strict Canadian legal system. During consecutive court hearings this week, several of the organizers of the Freedom Convoy rallies in Ottawa, Canada, were issued further charges.

How Will This Play Out?

Tamara Lich, as well as Chris Barber, who both were detained previous to the police investigation that disassembled the Freedom Convoy demonstrations in Ottawa last month, have been charged with obstructing police and causing mischief.

According to the Toronto Sun, Lich had been previously accused of disturbance and counseling to conduct mischief. Barber was charged with various mischief-related offenses, as well as with impeding police.

Lich’s lawyer, Diane Magas, has already filed an appeal over her release terms, which also include social media limitations, which the Canadian Law Centre for Personal Rights claims infringe on her right to free speech.

The additional allegations against the organizers are part of a total of nearly 400 charges brought against 191 Freedom Squadron demonstrators in late February.

This is following a clampdown and dissipation of peaceful demonstrators from Ottawa after three weeks of demonstrations against Wuhan virus constraints, vaccine mandates, and vaccine travel documents.

The protests came to a close after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for the first time in Canadian history, used the Emergencies Act. He ordered tow truck owners to withdraw trucks from the area surrounding the Canadian legislature.

Prior to this edict, many people had ignored similar demands.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was lambasted by numerous Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

This happened during a trip to the European Parliament in Belgium earlier in the week, including by Christine Anderson of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), who challenged Trudeau openly in the session.

Trudeau Did Not Get a Warm Welcome in Europe

“It would’ve been more proper for Mr. Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, to address this house in accordance with Article 144.”

“This is an article that was written particularly to discuss infringement of human rights, democracies, and the legal system, which is plainly the situation with Mr. Trudeau,” Anderson added.

“A Prime Minister who publicly idolizes China’s ‘basic dictatorship,’ stomps on fundamental human rights by punishing and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists, simply for defying his depraved idea of democracy, should not be permitted to talk in this house at all,” she decided to add.

Former judge and Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic spoke out against Trudeau in the European Parliament.

“We saw how you crush women with horsemen and how you restrict single parents’ bank accounts, preventing them from paying for their children’s education and medicine,” Kolakusic stated.

“It is tyranny at its worst for many residents of the world,” he said.