Cancel Culture Comes After One of Its Own

Amid persistent leftist assaults on her ideas about transgenderism, JK Rowling has been removed from The Big Jubilee Reading of 70 books, which was launched in part by the BBC.

The effort, which was co-founded by BBC Arts and The Reading Organization to correspond with Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Celebration, is designed to illustrate commonwealth novels encompassing 70 years of her reign.

However, the Harry Potter series’ complete absence from the ostensibly “reader-driven ranking” has raised some eyebrows.

JK is Hardly a Darling

Rowling, a pro-Brexit, anti-Trump leftist who formerly decided to donate £1 million to the Labour Movement, ended up losing her leading lady standing among fellow leftists in recent times.

This is owing to her assertion that “sex is real” and that trying to push transgender substances on children and allowing transgender people to use single-sex spaces is risky.

The Sunday Times reported, “the system of education in England is terrible about educating the people [about British colonialism]” and some of the selected books — which portray it in a negative way — are individuals she would want “taught in public schools.”

BBC Arts kept insisting that leftist dislike for Rowling had nothing to with her rejection.

However, competition judge Susheila Nasta emerged to give away that woke factors did structure the list, per The Sunday Times.

In further remarks to the publication of the record, Nasta, a teacher of modern literature, admitted, “There was a large conversation about JK Rowling.”

“With Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, she was on the long list.”

“A spot was made available for someone who was equally talented, but whose work was less well-known. Some really difficult decisions had to be made,” she added.

The claim says Rowling, by far the most successful British author of her era and one of the most successful British writers of all time, was exempted to make way for smaller writers.

This dials hollow in light of the fact that works like Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, a very well work and author favored by the social justice left, were snubbed.

The Line Up is Impressive

A Clockwork Orange, transformed into a legendary Stanley Kubrik film, The English Patient, transformed into an Oscar-winning picture by sex criminal Harvey Weinstein, as well as sci-fi classic The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, are among the other notable books on the roster.

Together with Rowling, The Lord of the Rings, an inherently conservative work by traditional Catholic novelist JRR Tolkien, and possibly the most culturally important British fantasy work of modern times, is conspicuously omitted from the list.

C.S. Lewis, Tolkien’s colleague, and friend was similarly left off the list, despite being an unashamed Christian (albeit an Anglican, instead of a Roman Catholic).