Capitol Car Attack, What we Know So Far

A man by the name of Noah Green was shot and killed by police as he rammed his car into two police officers near the Capitol. It was first reported that two officers has been injured, one has since passed away.

“It is a with a very, very heavy heart that I announce one of our officers has succumbed to his injuries. We are not able to release any information, names, age, date of birth, or anything of that nature at this time, because we still have to notify the next of kin.”

Capitol Police Department Chief Yogananda Pittman said in a press conference. “This has been an extremely difficult time,” she added.

In a later statement the Chief said:

“It is with profound sadness that I share the news of the passing of Officer William ‘Billy’ Evans this afternoon from injuries he sustained following an attack at the North Barricade by a lone assailant.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said after the attack: “Praying for the United States Capitol Police officers who were attacked at the Capitol. We are still learning what’s taken place. Grateful to all the USCP and first responders who are on the scene.”

The Daily Wire noted the following: “The suspect in Capitol Police incident is a 25 year old Indiana man named Noah Green,” tweeted MSNBC’s Jesse Rodriguez regarding reporting from NBC’s Pete Williams. “May have lived in Virginia. On his Facebook page, he notes that he is a follower of the Nation of Islam. Suspect is now dead.”

The Daily Wire added: “Journalist Ian Miles Cheong tweeted images from Green’s Facebook — reportedly since deleted — in which he described himself as a “follower of Farrakhan.” Long posts detailed Green’s life struggles and religious views, which include his belief that Farrakhan is Jesus. “I am currently now unemployed after I left my job partly due to afflictions, but ultimately, in search of a spiritual journey,” he wrote in part.”

“I haven’t had much to lean on in the past few months,” Green continued. “I’ve been faced with fear, hunger, loss of wealth, and diminution of fruit. My faith is one of the only things that has been able to carry me through these times and my faith is centered on the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Jesus, the Messiah, the final divine reminder in our midst.”