CDC Spied on Americans Through Cell Phones to Enforce COVID Lockdowns

A particularly harrowing revelation shows that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) spied on the cell phones of tens of thousands of Americans in order to enforce its COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

They even spent taxpayers’ money on it.

COVID-19 Totalitarian Dystopia Gets Quite Real

In 2021, the CDC paid a good $420,000 to be able to use cell phone location data of millions of American citizens to track whether the public was complying, a report by Vice News revealed on Tuesday.

The CDC used the money of the American taxpayers in order to purchase from SafeGraph, a data brokerage of data harvested from the cell phones of the American population, as evidenced by documents obtained by the outlet.

The cell phone data in question was aggregated, which means it most likely didn’t track the movement of each specific cell phone user; instead, it was supposed to “show general trends.”

However, the clearly unabashedly dystopian actions of the federal health agency raise alarm, as they show the level of totalitarian control the federal government is prepared to resort to for their own benefit.

The efforts in question included “hourly activity monitoring” in curfew areas, as well as “detailed counts” of how many people visited pharmacies participating in vaccine monitoring schemes.

CDC Got Hooked and Had Even ‘Bigger’ Plans

To make the revelation even more outrageous, cybersecurity researcher Zach Edwards, is quoted in the report as saying the documents conveyed that the Center for Disease Control “had broader ambitions” with cell phone location data.

Those weren’t limited to “pandemic response tracking.”

The analyst said the federal government “purposefully created” a long list of “open-ended” uses, such as the monitoring and tracking of visits between neighbors, visits to schools and churches, and an analysis of the respective data which was “focused on violence.”

The “shrewd” dystopian approach of the CDC began with the temporary use of free data.

In the spring of 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, SafeGraph even published a blog post, revealing the way CDC was already using its “free data” to “understand better” where COVID could spread.

By 2021, however, SafeGraph seems to have started to charge money for the cell phone data in question, and, having gotten hooked on it, the CDC has started to pay for it with taxpayer money in order to be able to spy on the very same taxpayers.

To top it all off, SafeGraph has as an investor: the ex-chief of the Saudi intelligence agency, while pro-Trump Big Tech billionaire Peter Thiel is also an investor there.

Last June, Google forbade SafeGraph from its Android app store, which shows that the company managed to collect data through codes that are embedded in other applications.