Chicago is Now Receiving Migrants From Texas

For years on end, Democrats have talked a good game about their communities being “sanctuary cities” that welcome all migrants, regardless of whether they’re here legally or not.

Democrats also consistently go on the record, claiming that for anyone to want to uphold immigration laws or stop illegal border crossings is a form of bigotry and xenophobia.

However, since the left’s been put to the test regarding these values, they’ve fallen short many times.

The Democratic mayors of New York City and Washington DC, for instance, have been kicking up a fuss about receiving buses of migrants from overwhelmed border states that can’t manage the current volumes of crossings.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been clear that as long as the Biden administration continues to let illegal immigration run amuck, he’ll be sending over migrants to left-wing cities. Now, according to Washington Examiner, Chicago is the newest city to receive migrants from Texas.

What to Know About Illegal Immigrants’ Arrivals in Chicago

On Wednesday evening, illegal immigrants arrived at Chicago’s Union Station from Texas where they initially crossed over. Apparently, these migrants were expecting city officials to be there and help them with processing, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is yet another Democrat who’s touted her community as a “sanctuary city” that embraces all migrants.

Therefore, Abbott released a statement that essentially poses a test to Lightfoot.

The Texas governor explained that he’s looking forward to seeing if the Chicago mayor’s actions towards migrants arriving in her city match her previous, pro-illegal immigration rhetoric.

Abbot also confirmed that until the Biden administration actually does its job and secures the southern border, left-wing sanctuary cities are going to keep receiving various buses of migrants.

The reality is that Texas alone can’t handle all of the migrants coming across the border.

The Truth About Democrats and Sanctuary Cities

If the Democrat Party truly believed its own rhetoric about the importance of illegal immigrants being welcomed, there were be no complaints in New York City or Washington DC.

Democrats would be rolling out the red carpet and granting these migrants every accommodation, rather than turning to the federal government for assistance.

It remains to be seen if Chicago’s response to migrants in its community mirrors the reactions of Washington DC and New York City.

At the end of the day, it’s very easy for Democrats to preach about the need to welcome all migrants, regardless of their immigration status, when they don’t have to personally do this in their own communities.

What do you think about Texas starting to send over new buses of migrants to Chicago, Illinois? Do you believe Chicago will respond to this as Washington DC and New York City did? Let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.