Chicago Prosecutor Quits: “I Will Not Raise My Son Here”

A prosecutor in Chicago with over 20 years of service with the government resigned last week.

In his farewell letter, he expressed his gratitude to several of his coworkers, but he also expressed his inability to parent his kid in an area undergoing what he saw to be a failed social experiment.

Prosecutor Quits Democratic Chicago

The Cook County State Attorney’s Office’s Jason Poje, a criminal trial lawyer, sent a message to 85 coworkers on Friday as he was leaving, according to Fox News.

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In it, Poje explained he was leaving because of various progressive measures that have rendered the city more hazardous for everybody.

Today, Poje’s farewell communication to his coworkers was made public by Real Clear Politics. Here is a sample of what he had to say about the surroundings his family lives in…

He said his family discovered a quiet area in the suburbs a long time ago.

Whereas now, a drug dealer is brazenly peddling narcotics outside their home. It has occurred repeatedly in the past two years; their five-year-old youngster is now hearing gunshots while playing in the local park.

If it were only them, he would have been prepared to endure it, but the present administration’s disregard for thoroughly weighing policy options has put their family at risk.

According to Poje, all parties should strive to defend their viewpoints while striking a balance between upholding rights and ensuring safety.

The balance is broken when the prosecution’s role is handled excessively, which leads to an uptick in crime and a shortage of skilled prosecutors.

Due to their capacity to do so, Poje opted against raising his son in the neighborhood and plans on fleeing the state of Illinois.

Poje Blames Democrats

Poje didn’t specifically say Kim Foxx, but it is obvious who he is referring to. Foxx declared just a few days ago that she will not be re-running for office.