Children Have Been Expelled From School After Parents Protested CRT

Two mothers from Ohio have spoken out on Wednesday afternoon, following their children being expelled from a private college for opposing critical race theory.

Many kids have been denied re-enrollment at Columbus College; the institution claims that their moms violated their agreement by conducting a public campaign against the particular school’s alleged attempts to indoctrinate students with far-left ideologies.

The Truth is Struck Down

One parent expressed her regret because when people stand up and try to speak the truth, there really are individuals who wish to take revenge on you. In this situation, they reacted against our kids, who are blameless, Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez told Fox & Friends First.

Gross and Gonzalez had spent months investigating Columbus Academy’s activities; these activities reportedly incorporated controversial racial themes and anti-Republican rhetoric. Gross and Gonzalez are co-founders of the Pro CA Alliance, which opposes the teaching of critical race theory at Columbus College.

The other mother stated that they attempted to advocate and stand up, not just for their children, but for their instructors in the greatest conceivable way. They didn’t have unions at a private school. Gonzalez told presenter Todd Piro, that she feels a lot of it comes from The National Association of Independent Schools.

Retaliation was Taken Against the Students and not the Parents

The college’s letters informing Gross and Gonzalez, who represent the Pro-CA League, of the judgment have been acquired by Fox News.

Two of Gross’ kids and one of Gonzalez’s were essentially ejected from the institution, which serves children in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Hundreds of other California families, per the mothers, are similarly concerned over changes made to classroom material.

Many families in the United States are fighting the same battle as Gross and Gonzalez. Families have described being surprised by racial material and meeting obstacles while demanding responsibility from officials in the wake of George Floyd’s death by Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin.

Colleges like CA have justified so-called policies against racism as a strategy to increase student inclusiveness. Parents’ concerns and school materials, on the other hand, frequently disclose stuff that is highly divisive, according to critics.

The effort, according to Gonzalez, is aimed at expanding communication rather than outlawing it. She also stated that pupils weren’t the only ones who do not feel loved, but that teachers do as well.

We’re wondering how they’ll come out. They have one-year agreements, and because they may not have a human resources department, they must submit any issues to the college’s dean of students.

Gross stated that their group requested an anonymous reporting hotline for the instructors, which was refused by the school, according to both parents. CA’s declined to elaborate on individual examples, but reaffirmed the college’s stance on parental assaults in principle.