China Carried Out Cyberattack on Ukraine Right Before Putin’s Invasion

Communist China may be hugely complicit in Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian security services have exposed a major Chinese cyber-attack on the embattled country’s nuclear and military infrastructure, which was committed the day before the war started.

Chinese ‘Tools and Methods’ Ahead of Russian Attack

On February 24, Putin invaded Ukraine with nearly 200,000 troops from three sides, seeking to conquer it for his neo-Soviet Russian empire.

However, the heroic resistance of the Ukrainians has turned his badly planned venture into a slaughterhouse for his troops.

The SBU, Ukraine’s counter-intelligence agency, has now revealed in The Times that on February 23, the Chinese government executed hacking attacks on over 600 websites belonging to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

If the allegations are corroborated, that would mean much greater support from the regime of Communist China and its leader Xi Jinping for fellow dictator Vladimir Putin.

Xi has long been suspected of seeking to conquer Taiwan, the independent autonomous Chinese island republic, by force.

The SBU revelation about the Chinese cyber-attacks on the Ukrainian defense infrastructure would indicate that the Xi regime in Beijing had prior knowledge of Putin’s invasion plan.

According to the SBU, the “tools and methods” used in the cyber-attacks against Ukraine on February 23 were “consistent” with tactics utilized by the Chinese military’s cyber warfare unit.

China May Be Sanctioned for Aiding Putin in Ukraine

According to the SBU, both Chinese and Russian hackers spiked their activity against Ukraine in the middle of February; the hostile activity peaked the day before the Putin invasion.

Among the Ukrainian institutions targeted by Chinese hackers on February 23 were the country’s Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate and the Ukrainian Hazardous Waste Investigation website.

The Ukrainian spy agency also said the Chinese cyber program’s CNE attack launched thousands of exploits directed at no fewer than “20 distinct vulnerabilities.”

The Times cited British intelligence sources as saying they are investigating the alleged Chinese cyber-attack on Ukraine the day before the Russian invasion.

However, it also quoted US intelligence sources as confirming the revelations made by the Ukrainian spy service are accurate.

A cyber threat researcher, Tom Hegel from American cybersecurity firm SentinelOne, is quoted as saying the Chinese hackers didn’t seem to “care they were seen.” They were there to complete a task and do so as fast they could.

According to Steve Tsang, who heads the China Institute at SOAS University of London, if the Chinese hackers were “in Ukraine”, they were there to do work “in support of the Russians.”

He noted many of the Chinese hackers are members of the People’s Liberation Army, i.e. the Chinese military, which is part of the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

Tsang emphasized that the Chinese state-run hackers cyber-attacked Ukraine in order to help Putin with his aggression. That could lead to western sanctions against Communist China.