China Hacked Enough Information to Build File on Every Singe American Adult

Former President Trump’s national security council officers are worried about China’s illegal acquisition of information via data breaches and other ways; one official is warning that the sensitive material would be enough for them to compile an “intelligence report” on every American citizen.

They Have Information on Everybody – Absolutely Everybody!

During a Senate committee session on Wednesday, Matthew Pottinger, a senior Trump national security advisor, claimed that China was planning to exploit the information it had taken from the US and around the world; China plans to use this information to persuade and compel everybody from politicians to ordinary citizens.

Population dossiers have always been a staple of communist regimes, but Beijing’s infiltration of global communication devices, especially the use of 5G networks, has brought this to a new extreme, according to Pottinger.

As a result, the party is currently compiling secret files on millions of international citizens around the world; they’re then utilizing the information to persuade, target, frighten, bribe, extort, flatter, degrade, and finally split and destroy them.

Pottinger went on to say that Beijing’s stolen sensitive material is enough to compile a profile on every single person in the United States, as well as many of their kids who are perfectly acceptable under Beijing’s power politics guidelines.

The United States and its allies accused China’s Ministry of Intelligence Services of a huge attack on Microsoft in the previous month; the Department of Justice is also accusing employees of China’s intelligence organization in a separate worldwide spying operation.

Is the US Government Taking it Easy on China?

The United States did not impose penalties against China in response to the SolarWinds breach early this year, as it did with Russian intelligence operatives. The White House, on the other hand, claimed it spoke with senior government authorities about their concerns over the PRC’s larger hostile cyber operations.

Trump’s head of the Federal Espionage and Cyber Center, William Evanina, also testified on Wednesday. Evanina is claiming that China is by far the most complicated, insidious, strategic, and aggressive enemy our country has ever encountered.

Evanina warned that China’s attempts to engage, leverage, invade, impact, and thieve from each and every edge of American achievement are thorough. It is approximated that 80 percent of American adults have seen all of their private information snatched by the CCP, with the remaining 20% having most of their private information stolen.

He cited China’s desire to gather data both illegally and legitimately in order to fuel machine learning, science, and development activities, as well as to further their economic and military objectives.

He regretted the fact that CCP cyber and insider risk intrusions and crime have increased to such an extent over the last generation; this is a reality we are becoming numb to, once it is discovered.

In January 2020, then-Attorney General William H. Barr reported the prosecution of four Chinese military personnel for their roles in the 2017 Equifax breach, which exposed sensitive personal information on roughly 145 million Americans.

Barr cited the prior Chinese data theft of the Office of Human Resources in 2014, which contributed to the theft of information from at least 21 million people. He also cited the more recent large violations at Marriott, which stole data from an estimated 500 million visitors globally and Anthem Health, which stole data from 80 million individuals.