China in Fresh Lockdown over COVID Wave

According to China’s state-run Global Times, the current coronavirus epidemic led upwards of 20 Shanghai institutions to “halt out-patient and emergency health treatments” on Friday.

This was done for “pandemic management and screening.”

The State Hospitals Lock Down

“At 24-hour increments, two nucleic acid tests are performed within the institutions. It is anticipated relevant institutions would start health treatments on the morning of November 27 if all nucleic acid testing results are negative [for COVID-19],” the Global Times said, citing local health authorities.

On November 26, Shanghai instructed the city’s 20-plus hospitals to limit services. This happened after the city supposedly discovered only three new coronavirus infections among people connected to Shanghai’s healthcare businesses on November 25.

“The countless close relations of the three cases reported, encompassing workplaces, living locations, cultural activities, and various forms of transportation, is the main reason why so many healthcare facilities have installed closed-loop leadership,” said Lu Taohong, acting director of the Shanghai Department of Health.

At the commencement of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, China’s federal government invented the term, “closed-loop administration.” After a coronavirus pandemic, state health authorities used the word to indicate a site that has been forcibly confined or a facility where they seek to prevent viral spread.

According to, all workers and employees connected to a location under “closed-loop administration” must be “strictly limited to designated regions” for the duration of the window period.

If state officials have set up a “closed-loop management solution” at a location to prevent virus transmission, the location is viewed as a “biosecure bubble,” with mobility in and out closely regulated.

In November, the Global Times reported several Shanghai institutions have used a “closed-loop administration” protocol. Folks working or being hospitalized at such facilities have not been permitted to leave since November 25, according to the reports.

Essential Supplies are Being Stockpiled

“Hospital grocery stores have loaded essential supplies to guarantee the staff’s daily demands are met under closed-loop control. Notably, a baby was born on Friday, the first child to be delivered in Ruijin hospital under closed-loop administration,” according to the publication.

“Along with medical closures, some transportation has been hampered,” according to the Global Times. “As per aviation information website VariFlight, approximately 30% of aircraft at Shanghai Pudong Airport Terminal were canceled as of 10 a.m. Friday.”

The newest coronavirus outbreak in China started on October 17 and quickly expanded across the country. According to China’s governing Communist Party, the epidemic started after a Shanghai-based tour group journeyed to China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Area in early to mid-October.

During this time, some of the members of the group supposedly got coronavirus. Although state authorities have yet to present evidence for the claim, Beijing continues to assert unnamed foreign sources in Mongolia spread coronavirus to a Shanghai group tour.