China Retaliates Against US Officials By Laying Sanctions On Them

In reaction to US penalties on Chinese officials participating in Beijing’s crackdown in Hong Kong, the Chinese authorities announced retaliation restrictions against several Americans on July 23; this included notably outgoing US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

The restrictions are the first enforced by Beijing underneath its new anti-foreign penalties law, which was enacted in June; they also come just days before US Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is scheduled to visit China amid heightened tensions.

The Chinese dictatorship stated it placed equivalent counter-sanctions on a corporation and six individuals; this includes current and past members of the Legislative Committee on Beijing and the US-China Economic and Security Review Council.

The Sanctions are in Retaliation to US Sanction on Chinese Officials

The National Democratic Center for Foreign Relations, the International Republicans Center, Human Rights Organizations, and the Hong Kong Democratic Alliance (all headquartered in Washington) were also attacked.

In a declaration, the administration’s foreign office criticized a recent US company’s advice on Hong Kong and US punitive measures on Chinese Government authorities in Hong Kong; they called them serious violations of international humanitarian law and basic enforcement of international relations that seriously meddled in China’s internal affairs.

The White House responded that it was unfazed and remains completely devoted to enforcing all relevant US economic measures.

The White House Press Secretary Said This is How China Treats Those who Disagree with Them

At a news conference on Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated that these moves are the newest instances of how Beijing targets individual citizens, businesses, and civil society groups in order to send political messages.

More Communist officials were sanctioned by the US last week for their involvement in suffocating freedom in Hong Kong. It also gave notice about the city’s worsening economic climate, which has experienced a drastic reduction in liberties since Beijing enacted a harsh national defense law last June.

China slapped penalties on people who served with previous President Donald Trump; Trump famously took a harsh stance against the socialist dictatorship and battled it over trade, corporate practices, civil rights, and other matters.

China enforced penalties against departing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and 27 additional top Trump officials all-around the time Biden was inaugurated as president in January. The year before, China imposed penalties on a number of US politicians (as well as people from thinktanks and organizations) for pushing for human rights in China.

Psaki stated that Americans of all parties condemn these unacceptable measures to penalize those who support basic rights and freedoms. Beijing’s attempts to coerce and bully globally-regarded NGOs only serve to highlight the country’s growing separation from the rest of the world, she added.

Being approved by Beijing, according to Samual Chu (general manager of the activist organization Hong Kong Democratic Council) is a badge of pride.