China Reveals Proof of Payments to Hunter Biden

The Biden family and communist China have countless links and commercial interactions, as the Gateway Pundit has uncovered.

China Reveals All

Scores of records regarding presents that Joe and Hunter Biden got from China, according to Colorado attorney Kevin Evans, are being withheld by the Biden Department of Justice.

Evans filed a lawsuit against the DOJ in March after the department allegedly ignored his FOIA application to obtain data regarding James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, and his offshore financial dealings.

The enormous diamond given to Hunter Biden by Ye Jianming, the CEFC China Energy Company head at the time, was covered by the Gateway Pundit.

This precious stone was reportedly valued at $80,000 in October 2020. Its value, according to Hunter, was $10,000.

The 3.1-carat stone is currently in police hands. There is a ton of publicly available evidence regarding Joe Biden and Hunter. It’s unclear what they’re still keeping a secret.

Hunter Biden’s computer had a significant amount of proof pertaining to the Biden Crime Family, which the FBI withheld from detectives and now says is gone somewhere, despite them finding it in 2019.

John Solomon revealed a few days ago that China is beginning to provide Senate Republicans with papers pertaining to its ties with the Biden Crime Family.

China wants it known to the Biden regime who is in charge.

The papers provided to Senate Republicans, according to Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, by the Chinese-American financial organization, Cathay Bank, show that millions of dollars were transferred from Chinese businesses to Hunter Biden.

No One Believes the Bidens

Republicans and other groups began to voice worries regarding Hunter Biden’s use of his heritage and impact, whilst his dad was vice president, to secure millions in international business agreements.

This also may have jeopardized the safety of the United States during President Biden’s prosperous 2020 White House initiative, if not beforehand.