China Running War Games Against America

The tension between the United States and China keeps increasing over political concerns in the South China Sea and blame for the coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, communist China has built full-scale replicas of major US vessels, along with an aircraft carrier, to use at a new target range facility.

This is Quite Scary

“The firing range developed in the Ruoqiang area of central China has a full-scale model of a US ship and at least two Arleigh Burke-class warships,” per the report.

According to the US Naval Institute, the location is near a previous target range where China tested early editions of its so-called ship killer DF-21D anti-ship missile systems.

“This new range demonstrates China’s continued attention on anti-carrier weapons, with a particular emphasis on US Navy vessels,” says the report.

The new location, unlike the Iranian Navy’s aircraft carrier-shaped objective in the Persian Gulf, showed some signs of being a modern instrumented targeting range.”

According to an investigation by AllSource Analysis, the aerial photographs from Maxar images are as follows: several possible US battleships, as well as other warships (on rails and mobile) that could be used to represent targets for seeking target acquiring testing.

Because of this, and because the reconstructions are so detailed, it’s likely this area will be used for multiple purposes throughout time.

A few of the following details on Chinese military hardware that can be used to attack US warships were included in the most current Defense Department report on China’s military assets.

The traditionally armed CSS-5 Mod 5 (DF-21D) ASBM version of the People’s Liberation Rocket Force (PLARF) allows the PLA to undertake long-range precise strikes upon vessels, notably aircraft carriers, out to the Western Pacific from mainland China.

The DF-21D has a reach of over 1,500 kilometers, is equipped with a mobile reentry vehicle (MaRV), and can allegedly reload quickly in the field. The PLARF keeps adding to its DF-26 IRBM arsenal, which was originally unveiled in 2015 and deployed in 2016.

Their Technology is Scary

The multi-role DF-26 is effective with pinpointing land attacks, as well as anti-ship attacks in the Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the South China Sea from mainland China; it is also intended to exchange nuclear and conventional payloads quickly.

The PRC launched anti-ship missile systems against one moving object in the South China Sea in 2020, but did not admit it.

PRC-controlled Spratly Islands installations have been equipped with sophisticated anti-ship and anti-air ballistic missiles, as well as military jammer technology; this all dates back to early 2018.

There are about 2,800 total airplanes and around 2,250 fighter planes. The PLAAF openly disclosed the H-6N as its first nuke air-to-air refuelable bombers in October 2019, signaling the restoration of the aerial leg of the PRC’s nuclear arsenal.