China’s Strategy for Victory Revealed

The Ruling Political Party’s (CCP) principal tactic for winning is to pay off American leaders, a process known as “elite capture.”

The senior writer for Breitbart News and author of the popular book Red-Handed: How Western Elites Get Rich by Helping China Win explains this.

The Biden household, according to Peter Schweizer of Breitbart News, is one of the key instances of an accomplished target.

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Biden’s Corruption

During his interview on the show, Schweizer, the director of the Government Transparency Institute, outlined the main premise of his current blockbuster.

“The goal is essentially to buy off the intellectuals of the United States and other countries,” Schweizer said, emphasizing that China sees itself as competing with the United States.

It thinks, however, that it can prevail by paying off elites, rather than fighting with the United States’ culture and economy.

“To put it another way, they see themselves as competitors with the United States.”

These two nations are in a contest, and they both want to win. They’re very forthright about it. President Xi has been speaking about it since 2012.

They’ve realized that fighting head-to-head with this fluid culture and economy isn’t the way to win. The only way they can prevail is if they bribe and pay off the elites of the United States. It’s known as elite capture.

“That’s the word they use,” Schweizer said, describing the CCP’s perspective on the plan.

Don’t Mention China’s Problems

“They’re not searching for clones of leaders, you know.”

They have a strategic notion that loosely translates to ‘huge help with a little criticism.’ This basically implies that if someone says something about the Uyghurs or civil rights every now and then, China could get angry, but it’s not a big concern.

China wants the wealthy to make sure they have access to Western cash and expertise. As long as political officials and corporate leaders don’t get in the way, they’re delighted to assist these elites in becoming wealthy because they’re assisting them in such a significant way.

In other respects, when the chips are down, these elites are expected to support China, which seeks access to Western marketplaces, finance, and technology.

The Biden family, according to Schweizer, was one of the most effective beneficiaries of the CCP strategy, collecting $31 million in transactions from people with ties to the Chinese government.

They first established this subject, according to Schweizer, in his work Secret Dynasties. They knew the Biden household had business relationships in China and that it was a case of grift and corruption.

However, the Hunter Biden computer and accessibility to other documents, he said, helped China put together how much they earned and, perhaps more crucially, who made the deals work.