Chinese state supports Biden while DC police investigate him for sex abuse

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China’s state mouthpiece the Global Times has come out swinging in favor of the Biden campaign. At the same time, DC police have confirmed that they are conducting an ongoing investigation into his alleged sexual abuse of Tara Reade in 1993.

China’s Global Times posted a video attacking Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his administration’s investigation into Chinese biological laboratories like the one in Wuhan.

Biden-China ties run deep

China’s support for Biden is no surprise, as he has spent decades defending China’s interests. Biden opposed attempts to force China to follow international law before allowing it to join the World Trade Organization. Membership therein has helped China suck manufacturing jobs out of the American economy unhindered. Biden’s son Hunter is on the board of a multi-billion dollar Chinese investment firm. Last year on the campaign trail in Iowa, Biden referred to the communist police state as ‘not bad folks.’

Biden sex abuse investigation ongoing despite statute of limitations


Reade has said that she filed the criminal complaint, which would be a crime if the accusation were false, to highlight the seriousness of the charges and to inspire other women to come forward. This implies that Reade is aware of other cases of sexual misconduct on the part of Joe Biden. Numerous collections of photos and video segments of Biden behaving inappropriately with underage girls in public are making the rounds on the internet.

Biden supporters have voiced astonishment that the investigation is going ahead despite the supposition that the statute of limitations should prevent it from doing so. DC Police have not given any details into this investigative process. Investigations can be carried out despite the unlikelihood or impossibility of a conviction being reached. There are various rationales for this. The investigation may end up having a bearing on other cases where a conviction is feasible.

Reade noted that part of her reason for filing the criminal complaint was to create a public paper trail in case, she said, ‘anything happens to me.’ A woman named Jessica Leigh Collins has come out to claim she was trafficked, as a minor, through Jeffrey Epstein to Joe Biden, among others. Her story remains unverified and has received little attention despite the call to ‘believe all women’ after the failure to stick abuse allegations on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Reade has emphasized that women like Collins can and should submit criminal complaints to the police anonymously.