Climate Hypocrites Descend on Scotland in Private Jets

Private aircraft of the world’s aristocracy are pouring into Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit. This is happening as much as it does each year for the World Economic Forum.

They are clueless

According to the Sunday Mail, 400 private jets are expected to arrive with international leaders and corporate executives for the celebration. Thousands of tons of CO2 will be released into the environment as a result.

After just a short flight from Rome, Joe Biden’s Air Force One (an extensively customized Boeing 747-200) is set to arrive in Scotland on Sunday. This is one of two identical planes the US president’s crew uses to fly around the world.

It’s unclear whether Biden will deploy an 85-vehicle convoy to transport him around Scotland for talks as he did in Rome, according to Breitbart News. On the runway, it will not be alone.

Among those expected to attend are the French Cottam 001, Canadian Air Force VIP, Germanys Konrad Adenauer, Japanese Air Force One, Air India One, Australia’s Shark One, and Israeli Wing of Zion.

“The ordinary private jet, and we’re not discussing Air Force One,” Matt Finch of the Transport and Environmental pressure group told the newspaper, “sprays out two tons of CO2 for each and every minute in flight.”

He then placed it into context. It cannot be overstated how horrible private aircraft are for the planet; they are by far the worst mode of transportation. Most trips could be readily done on scheduled flights, according to our analysis.

Although private planes are distinguished, it is impossible to avoid the appearance of hypocrisy in utilizing one while professing to be combating global warming.

To put it in perspective, an average citizen’s total carbon footprint – which includes wherever they go and just about everything they purchase – is roughly eight tons per year.

As a result, a CEO or politician flying great distances in a private plane will emit more CO2 than numerous ordinary people do in a year.

According to aviation sources, more than 400 private planes would likely transport over 1,000 world leaders, corporate executives, and their employees to the discussions.

Because of the predicted high level of air traffic (although Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Prestwick would accommodate many of the attendees), COP26 conference organizers have chosen smaller airfields expressly for private planes as far as London.


The global elite has been able to travel by private jet while the rest of the globe has remained (largely) grounded, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the news portal, an average private jet flight generates 10 times more greenhouse emissions per person than an economy aircraft and 150 times more than a train ride.

With 192 countries signed to the Paris Accord, an estimated 30,000 delegates will travel in from practically every nation in the world to attend the meeting.

According to the Herald, the flood of people necessitates a larger security presence, which means an extra 10,000 police officers will travel from around the UK to assist with the event’s operation.