It is Time to Close the Southern Border…NOW!

Border Patrol personnel in Yuma are seeing large groups of immigrants illegally entering the United States via holes in the border fences. Over 300 people were caught in two huge groups over the course of two days.

In a single episode on Monday, over 200 immigrants broke through a weakness in the border wall. At the same spot on Sunday, 112 people were captured.

This can’t go on much longer

Starting Friday, the Yuma sector of Border Patrol arrested over 850 immigrants per day, as per the border agents. This financial year, the sector ranks third in immigrant apprehensions, trailing Del Rio, as well as the Rio Grande Valley.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement released arrest records on Monday, revealing the month of October 2021 was the highest in the institution’s history. Near Yuma, upwards of 21,000 of the 158,575 migrants captured along the southwest border were found.

Yuma’s apprehensions increased by 2,647 percent in October 2021, compared to October 2020, according to data. Yuma is only 6,488 apprehensions behind the Del Rio sector for the month, as per CBP.

Per an insider within CBP, border agents have captured upwards of 200,000 immigrants since the start of Fiscal Year 2022 on October 1, 2021. According to the insider, official projections for the new fiscal year suggest more than 1.8 million immigrant apprehendings.

Despite enormous improvements of frontier technology and infrastructure in Yuma over recent years, the lack of repercussions for migrants who are apprehended limited the investments’ impact.

The Border Patrol, which is responsible for transporting, vetting, and providing humanitarian assistance to migrants, is now being compelled to spend less time on the ground. As a result, the number of single adult immigrants avoiding detection is increasing.

The numbers are staggering

According to initial arrest data obtained by Breitbart Texas, some immigrant demographics detected in October surged by more than 9,000 percent, as compared to October 2020.

The records were supplied by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) source who was not allowed to speak to the press.

Roughly 8,000 Brazilian citizens were detained in October, a nearly 4,000 percent raise over the previous month. More than 13,000 Venezuelans were apprehended, a 9,000 percent increase over the previous year.

Upwards of 9,000 Nicaraguans were confronted, a 3,500 percent growth. In October, 30,537 immigrants from these three nations were caught. Nearly half of the participants were adults who were single.

There were over 15,000 members of the family and less than 400 solitary adolescents. Many Venezuelans relocated to nearby Colombia and other nations before attempting to enter the United States.

In rural Texas, the border agents regularly confront large groups fleeing Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Brazil. Near Eagle Pass, large groups of roughly 200 people have become the norm.

As per the informant, the increase in arrests of migrants from outside the Northern Triangle countries shows pull factors (such as reduced expulsions) are having a stronger impact than issues in native countries.