CNN Calls Biden’s Crisis A $100-A-Month Increase

There’s a $1,200 increase in your salary, says CNN, even if you didn’t get it. 

“The next time you fill up your tank, consider it a monthly tax decrease of $100. Or a perhaps $100-a-month raise,” Chris Isidore prompted in a ridiculous CNN Business editorial trumpeting that “America just got a $100-a-month raise.”

At a time when the Federal Reserve is attempting to calm the economy and battle increasing prices with higher interest rates, the continuous reduction in gas prices over the past several months has evolved into an unanticipated type of economic stimulus. 

Real Figures

Comparable to President Biden and his media sycophants supporting each other’s fake news that an 8.5% inflation surge is actually “zero” is the claim that a modest decline in gas prices after a huge jump is “economic stimulus.”

Or, when the economy experiences two sequential quarters of negative growth, the business press may wax philosophically about unknowable secrets such as “what is a recession?”

The New York Times proclaimed “Biden is having a wonderful day” since his aviator sunglasses have made a comeback, despite the fact the standard of living in the United States is deteriorating dramatically.

The resident faux conservative at The Washington Post declared everything would be great if it weren’t so terrible. The media will lie about anything that is critical of the regime. 

The situation is so ridiculous that it’d be funny if it weren’t so frustrating and debilitating. Consumers in the United States are getting jacked up on everything from gas and food to energy and rent, rather than a rise of $100 per month, or $1,200 per year.

The energy index is up 32.9% from this time last year; the gas index is up 44.09%, and the fuel oil index is up a whopping 75.6%, continuing a monthly trend of escalating inflation rates.

Furthermore, the 13.1 percent increase in the cost of buying food to prepare at home is constantly brought to the forefront when consumers experience a financial blow during grocery shopping. 

Despite Isidore’s gleeful announcement that Biden’s gas prices equate to a raise, experts predict Americans are ultimately spending nearly an extra $5,200 this year merely to buy the same products they purchased in 2021.

One estimate puts the annualized premium at over $5,500, or an additional $460 each month. 

Downgrade in the Economy

Because of this, the continued rise in gas prices is more of a substantial downgrade for the American economy than a notable boost. This is not the same as a minimum wage worker getting a $2 raise. 

Farcical is the media’s pro-Biden, optimistic economic narrative. It’s obvious to anyone who’s checked their savings account that there’s no pay increase.

If you’re having trouble paying for gas the next time you fill up, blame the Biden administration for giving over our green energy to hostile governments or raising prices to force you to adopt their “liberal world order” of electric vehicles.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.