CNN’s Chris Cuomo Says Pro Life Policies Are Racist, He is Wrong

"US Supreme Court (explored 5/28/2020)" by Thru My Shutter is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This clearly comes after the Supreme Court has decided to take on a major abortion case that could see the right to legislate on abortion return to the state legislatures. The case involves Mississippi appealing a lower court ruling on abortions after 15 weeks, The Epoch Times reported. 

The importance of this case is that it allows an opportunity for the Supreme Court to revisit of important cases that involve Roe v. Wade. The announcement that his case was being accepted by the court has given many conservatives hope that Roe v Wade may soon one day be overturned.

“The US Supreme Court” by Andifeelfine is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Liberals on social media have been quick to name call and discredit sitting members of the Supreme Court, with one Twitter user resurfacing claims against Brett Kavanaugh:

“Brett Kavanaugh, the accused rapist who sobbed over beer at his Supreme Court confirmation, now has jurisdiction over our bodies. Call me radical but I don’t think anyone without a uterus should be deciding s— about women.”

CNN host Chris Cuomo, the brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has added his comments to the whole saga with an attack against conservatives who legislate against abortion, labeling them as racist. We fail to the comparison as it is a well-known fact that planned parenthood was the brainchild of a well-known racist who taught to decrease the  black population.

Cuomo, of course, didn’t waste any time in claiming that this issue ultimately boils down to far right extremists targeting minorities and women. 

Christopher Cuomo is not the only Cuomo making headlines. Recently, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, is in hot water over mismanagement during the pandemic but now faces a challenger to his position by America’s Mayor’s son, Andrew Guiliani.

As the Conservative Cardinal Posted yesterday:

America’s mayor is back! However, in this case, his son will be taking the ropes in a fresh new bid for the governorship of New York. 

Andrew Cuomo has had a disasters run as New Yorks Governor with plagues of scandals on his legacy. Andrew Giuliani is ready to take the hot seat and put the state back on track. Giuliani told the New York Post “I’m a politician out of the womb. It’s in my DNA.” 

Democrats have continued to shun pro-life policies as racist and will clearly continue doing so. The abortion debate simply marks another area where the left and the right remain staunchly divided. Moreover, the left has a habit of claiming that any and all conservative policies ultimately boil down to racism from right-wingers. 
This couldn’t be further from the truth, yet it is the lie Democrats will continue to tell the public.