CNN’s Don Lemon Throws a Twisted Hissy Fit Against Republicans Live on Air

Don Lemon has been at CNN for a long time; he feels pretty confident to say and do whatever he likes.

The problem for Lemon is CNN has new executives; they are trying to turn the network around and make it less of an on opinion outlet.

They realize CNN lost almost all its credibility by becoming a place where leftists simply sounded off day and night about their emotions and opinions.

Lemon doesn’t like that. In fact, he’s very angry and sad about it. So, he decided to defy his bosses and go on air with a childish rant about how “dangerous” the Republican Party is and how much he hates them.

Lemon’s Lamentable Rant

Lemon is used to getting his way. He made a name for himself among entitled liberals who think he actually has something to say.

For that reason, the idea of toning down opinion and getting more into real analysis annoys him quite a lot.

Lemon said that being “fair” to the GOP makes no sense because the conservative movement is a threat to a democratic society.

According to Lemon, he’s sick of talking about this as some kind of debate between two different but equal sides. There is no equality; Republicans are a destructive and treasonous group, according to the CNN host.

Lemon’s rant was pretty obviously a hissy fit against his new boss and CNN head Chris Licht, who came in after Jeff Zucker left. Lemon even specifically said he hates the idea of someone being “in charge” of what he gets to say.

Good point, so maybe quit and find another job where your private company allows you to spout off hate speech against conservatives then, Lemon?

Lemon Calls Out Republican ‘Antics’

According to Lemon, he’s not willing to just sit back and talk about both sides as rational actors. Lemon said Republicans have “a lot” to fess up to about why they backed Trump for so long and allowed his “antics.”

They also have to be more reasonable about abortion, according to Lemon, since it’s a “right” that American women have had for half a century and it can’t just be removed.

Lemon said he plans to ask these questions and not go easy on Republicans, who he’s sick of seeing “coddled.”

I’m not sure what networks Lemon is watching, exactly, but Republicans have not been getting coddled. There’s been a giant crusade against Trump supporters over January 6, including many locked up in jail without a proper trial.

Is that “coddling?”

Is Lemon Going To Be Fired?

Lemon’s rant isn’t going to go down very well with his bosses.

Licht is likely to be annoyed at this guy continuing to run his mouth. We all get it that Lemon thinks he’s more important than everyone else, but when you work in a company, sometimes you have to actually do what your boss says.

Will he resign or be fired? It’s certainly possible.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.