Comey Calls Trump an “Existential Threat”

On CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” on Tuesday, previous FBI Director James Comey claimed former President Trump posed an existential danger to the nation.

Wild Accusations

He also referred to the GOP as a cult.

He was asked by Cooper, given his time in the FBI, how much of a threat he’d consider the former president to be, as he is once more a leading contender for the Republican nomination.

Comey replied by saying he felt Trump is an extremely dangerous threat to the rule of law, nearly an existential danger if he were to win the presidency once more.

According to Comey, Trump attempted to block the FBI and Department of Justice from conducting an investigation by burning them to the ground with a flamethrower.

Cooper questioned if he thinks Trump poses a fundamental threat to the rule of law.

Comey responded by saying he does. He said he doubts America is prepared for what Trump might attempt to do to the justice system if he were to win the presidency again.

Cooper stated with their charges, inquiries, and convictions of some of the individuals responsible, the Justice Department has given a very clear statement about what they think occurred on January 6.

He asked Cooper what he thinks when he listens to the former president discussing pardons and Ron DeSantis discussing considering pardons.

Comey declared he feels it is revolting. It is an assault on the legal system. There should be one thing everyone in this nation can agree on: never again. Force cannot be used to intervene.

People are free to march, demonstrate, or do anything else they want, but they are not free to be violent. With prosecutions, this is the message that must be conveyed.

Politically Weaponized FBI

Cooper pointed out how a lot of people in Congress believe the FBI has been politically weaponized and is targeting conservatives.