Committee Chairman Admits J6 Committee Didn’t Review J6 Footage

The chairman of the committee claimed on Wednesday that the board never truly examined the important film.

This comes after Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson broadcast Capitol video surveillance last week, revealing yet another lie from the House Select Committee on J6. This also ended up infuriating Democrats and their media friends.

Lies Revealed!

Fox News broadcast the video of the incident on J6 2021 during Monday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” undercutting the special committee’s claim that it was a deadly rebellion.

Carlson’s crew examined more than 40,000 hours of film after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy granted them exposure to it.

The material provided evidence the committee doctored the audio, as well as the video, to emphasize violence for its purpose of spreading propaganda in time for the next presidential election.

Nevertheless, the select chair of the committee, Bennie Thompson, stated in a comment to CNN on Wednesday night that the group never examined the groundbreaking video Fox News broadcast this week.

Thompson stated he was not fully cognizant of any committee members with accessibility. He claimed they had a group of staff members who sort of watched the footage.

It really doesn’t seem like a very comprehensive investigation to hire prosecutors who “sort of went over the tape.”

Questions Raised

Thompson’s confession that his panel did not conduct adequate research is absurd. Legislators haven’t had the same access to data that is available to their staff members since when?

Did all of the nine panelists watch the video aired in front of the camera systems? Does Thompson have any idea how the tapes were accessed? Were the former tv executives the only ones they used to make their kangaroo courts?

The committee disclosed original content to CNN, so either Thompson is dishonest and definitely knows who already had access or he gave Vice Chair Liz Cheney the password and did nothing else.

The Federalist’s questions were not answered by Thompson’s office.