Communism in Cuba Should be Treated Like Apartheid by the US Government

Rosa Mara Payá Acevedo is a Cuban revolutionist, and political activist. She also shared her views with House Foreign Relations select committee on Tuesday regarding Cuba and the current uprisings against the communist regime.

According to Payá, the global community should view Cuban totalitarianism as an unconscionable moral horror, similarly to how South African segregation was decimated in the 1980s with severe diplomatic condemnation.

Instead of making unilateral compromises that favor the government, Payá pushed the US government to impose even harsher regulations on Cuba’s communism.

Payá stated that the Cuban people have to fight for liberty on the roads. She, therefore, maintains that the United States should assist by imposing individual penalties on strong regime officials complicit in human rights violations, such as the violent suppression of thousands of demonstrators.

Payá completely disagreed with another committee panel participant José Miguel Vivanco, director head of Human Rights Watch. Vivanco argued the blockade must be abolished, as it harms regular Cubans and isolates them from Western influence.

Instead of isolating Cuba, the approach has alienated the United States, according to Vivanco

Payá pointed out that by rallying in the streets to seek the easing of restrictions, Cubans are not endangering their lives. They weren’t calling for the restrictions to be lifted. They demanded that the government be overthrown.

The Cuban people have demanded the end of the tyranny. That is the only request, she replied, and it is the only demand for which we need cooperation. Following 62 years of international crimes done by a totalitarian regime that has never been held responsible, Payá said it is a humanitarian responsibility to put an end to the government atrocities.

She compared Cuba to apartheid-era South Africa. Payá then advocated for a strategy comparable to that used to delegitimize apartheid’s political support, such as banning the Cuban government from gatherings, such as the forthcoming Conference of the Americas.

The Cuban government should not be able to participate in the Conference of the Americas because the body that organizes it (the Organization of American States (OAS)) mandates that all of its members be democratic countries.

Cuba was not admitted to the Organization of American States (OAS) until 2009, when actual communist rulers in Bolivia, Brazil, and Venezuela had won a vote in the organization. Cuba’s frequent attendance at America’s Delegations has been marked by significant violence, destruction, and disruptions aimed at isolating democratic democracies.

Easing Restriction on Cuba is a Disaster

Lifting sanctions, Payá stated Tuesday, is a disaster as it would provide funding to the security forces, which persecute the population by following the military leaders. Payá said encourage Joe Biden’s administration to demand the liberation of prisoners.

She also wants the Biden administration to put a stop to persecution and enable recognition for fundamental human rights, such as the recognition of opposition parties, Payá declared on account of her pro-democracy group Cuba Decide.


Payá then emphasized the necessity of loosening the Cuban administration’s grip on telecommunications, especially its ability to regulate social media, which has been prohibited since the July 11 uprising started.

Last Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis requested internet providers in his state to enable wifi connections that could assist Cubans to circumvent regime restrictions; this is a strategy Payá applauded.