Freeze Pelosi’s pay until she ends Congressional recess and helps Americans

Nancy Pelosi – Caricature” (CC BY 2.0) by DonkeyHotey


Nancy Pelosi continues to enjoy her ice cream and government paycheck while keeping the house on recess. The recess continues despite the fact that the Paycheck Protection Program, desperately needed by millions of out of work Americans, has run out of money.

The Trump re-election campaign has put together a poignant video exposing the leading Democrat’s attitude toward the suffering people she is sworn to serve. Jobless claims have surpassed 22 million.

In the midst of the greatest economic crisis since at least the Second World War, the nation faces an apocalypse for small businesses unless the house reconvenes and passes additional funding for the small business relief program. Trillions of tax dollars have already been funneled to Wall Street without the slightest delay.

Pelosi is also suspected of insider trading. She and her husband bought millions of dollars worth of Amazon shares while she was sitting in closed meetings on the coronavirus pandemic. That was just before Amazon’s brick-and-mortar competition across the nation was forced to close. Maybe Pelosi doesn’t want small businesses to recover.

Republican Representatives attempt a revolt


In response, a group of House Republican representatives has ‘declared war on recess,’ demanding that Pelosi reconvene to pass the assistance that many Americans desperately need. Florida Republican representatives Brian Mast and Michael Waltz are leading the charge. A group of Republicans has returned to Washington early to push for the house to open.

The House could meet as early as Thursday to agree on a safe ‘proxy’ method of voting in the face of the pandemic. They may also vote on an interim pandemic relief package before returning to recess.

Calls to dock the pay for members of Congress on recess during national crisis

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has called for Congress to resume its work. There is a strong precedent for state institutions to quickly adapt to national emergencies. The war cabinet is an obvious example. Congress has a job to do getting aid to the Americans who need it the most, and they should figure out a way to do that job rather than idling away their time in their mansions on recess.

Criticism of how the House is being run continues to pour in. Laura Loomer is a conservative journalist who is currently running for Congress in Florida. She is calling for a Congressional pay freeze, particularly on Pelosi, until she and the rest of the House get back to work.