COVID Tyranny Goes to a New Level

Regardless of if they have a clean COVID test, the unvaccinated will be barred from a number of activities and facilities as of today, according to Italy’s ‘Super Green Permit.’

Non-vaccinated people are now prohibited from going out to eat, visiting sporting events, performances, theaters, and other public activities. This is irrespective of whether they have been confirmed as negative for coronavirus, according to the Italian paper Il Giornale.

COVID Apartheid

The additional restrictions are part of the rollout of the new ‘Super Green Pass,’ which will make the distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons in Italy even clearer.

The new permit will also be available to those who have just recovered from the illness, according to the article. As per a statement from Sky News, compulsory immunization is being increased.

School personnel, police officers, and military personnel are obliged to take the vaccine or risk losing their jobs starting next week. The regulation already applies to healthcare employees in the country.

Travelers will need to present a ‘basic’ green ticket indicating they have been immunized against COVID, healed from the illness, or have a negative result within 72 hours to use public transportation.

Proper checks on public transportation will be conducted by police to ensure the new laws are being obeyed. Those found in violation face fines of up to €1,000. According to Italian media, the new Super Green Pass checks began today.

Authorities discovered a man coming off a bus in Rome who did not have a green pass. He allegedly received a fine of 400 euros. The new rules come as a result of a dramatic onslaught in a number of European countries on unvaccinated citizens.

Austria stated obligatory vaccination will begin in February of next year, with individuals who refuse to be vaccinated fearing permanent detention, penalties, and even prison.

Germany is Next to Enforce Forced COVID Vaccines

In the meantime, Germany, which is contemplating mandatory vaccination, placed unvaccinated people on lockdown limitations. Greece has also declared those over the age of 60 who are unvaccinated will face rolling fines beginning in January.

Chairperson of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has additionally backed mandatory vaccination, pushing for EU-wide debate in what has been dubbed the “Chinafication of Europe.”

As limitations on the unvaccinated increase, some people are turning to bogus European vaccine cards to get around “Corona Apartheid.” As more people attempt to get around the crackdown, the underground market for European certificates “has absolutely blossomed,” according to one Italian police head.

“Those who want to get COVID visas are individuals who have no intention of getting vaccinated. However, they still want to go to gyms, cafes, and other public locations, as well as jobs,” the director explained.