Critical Race Theory Snuffers A Blowing Defeat In Australia

Australian senators have voted on Monday to request that the national government prevent critical race theory from being taught in the school curriculum.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Senate voted 30-28 to accept a notice of motion proposed by One Nation leader Sen. Pauline Hanson (pictured), which asks the conservative coalition government to repudiate Marxist doctrine.

CRT is a political theory that examines all cultural and social concerns through the prisms of race, ethnicity, and sexuality; critical race theory also separates people into victimized and oppressors groups.

Will The Australian Government Listen?

The fight will be on to ensure the government follows through on its promise to keep children’s schools clear of dividing, left-wing brainwashing. Although many would rather ignore the issue, One Nation is at the forefront of the struggle to ensure that Australia’s youngsters receive a good education, rather than being brainwashed.

The learning framework was the focus of heated debate early this year; critics of CRT claimed that its ideals were infiltrating classroom instruction and displacing Australia’s British and Judeo-Christian past, according to the report.

Individual states in the United States, as well as school district systems, are beginning to prohibit the instruction of CRT concepts in their classrooms.

Senator Ted Cruz in the United States recently blasted CRT as discriminatory; Cruz then compared the concept to Klansmen in bed robes at the Church and Liberty Coalition’s Road to Victory Summit.

The left downplays CRT’s division, saying that Republicans orchestrated the outcry; however, many prominent black Americans have attacked CRT as well, crediting their achievement to the liberties provided to all people, regardless of ethnicity, under the US Charter.

The Dangers Of CRT

The foundation of critical race theory is the premise that racism still exists in all encounters.

Consider the following thought experiment: assume you own a store and two clients, one white and one black, walk-in at the same time. Who do you offer assistance to first?

Critical race theory might argue that you helped the black individual first because you don’t respect African Americans to be left alone and in your shop. Critical race theory would claim that you aided the white individual first because you believe black people are second-class citizens. That’s also racist.

The radical left believes that the Critical Race Theory is a product of the United States. It is particularly un-American since it denies the essential tenets of the American, traditionally liberal, Judeo-Christian value system. It was born in the 1970s at Harvard Law School and is now part of the academic and journalistic consensus. It flips the traditional American idea on its head.

This is because proponents of critical race theory believe racism exists wherever and at all times, and they search for it carefully until they discover it; although, they always manage to locate it.