Cruz: Biden Won’t Be Running For a Second Term in 2024

Despite Joe Biden and his White House repeatedly claiming he’s going to run for reelection in 2024, the public is still debating whether or not this is believable.

In a nutshell, it’s the view of many Americans that Biden isn’t going to have anything to really run on during the next presidential election cycle.

Since he got into office, gas prices, inflation, the southern border, crime, and America’s standing on the world stage have each worsened.

In 2020, Biden ran on a vow to unify the country; yet, to this day, the United States remains very much divided. It’s hard to imagine what ammunition Biden would have to reasonably say that voters should keep him in the White House.

Now, Sen. Ted Cruz is warning that there’s no way the current president runs for another term, per Breitbart News.

Cruz on Biden and the 2024 Election

On Wednesday, the Texas senator said Biden ultimately isn’t going to live up to his promises to pursue reelection.

According to Cruz, Biden’s too old, too mentally compromised, and even unfit for the presidency today.

The Republican later pointed out various episodes the president’s had of shaking hands with thin air and being ordered around by the Easter Bunny at the White House.

Cruz’s prediction that Biden won’t run again comes on the heels of consistently dismal approval ratings for the president. Even his own party is calling for him to step aside and let other candidates run.

Various Democrats have also ducked questions from press members who directly ask them whether or not they’ll support Biden getting a second term.

Grasping at Straws

Amid bleak approval ratings, Biden rolled out yesterday a new plan to absolve student loan debt. Of course, the costs will be naturally passed along to American taxpayers who didn’t agree to take on these debts.

Critics of Biden warn this was more about making a political move to help Democrats in the midterms and give Biden a fighting chance in 2024.

Recently in California, a poll revealed that residents of the state would rather have their own governor as the 2024 Democratic candidate than be stuck with Biden again.

Like Cruz, many others who oppose Biden going for reelection warn that he’s just too old and not capable of effective leadership. Progressives, especially, believe the Democrat Party can, should, and must do better during the next presidential election cycle.

At this rate, there’s no telling what condition Biden will be in by the time 2024 arrives.

Do you agree with Ted Cruz’s prediction that Joe Biden ultimately won’t run for president during the upcoming election cycle? Feel free to let us know in the comments area if you believe Biden will go through with his promises to pursue a second term.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.